Our People

We’re very lucky that our team is made up of all sorts, from the active zumba enthusiast and a kickboxing champion to the more sedate mountain biker and musician – we’ve got them all here and each brings their own personality to the team.


Nigel Birch - Managing Director

Before joining the family business, Nigel worked in banking. Having this background has enabled him to always have an eye on the figures. He enjoys being able to provide a complete solution to our clients, enabling them to market their business across multiple locations and utilises his motto to ‘keep things simple’ in doing so. He gets huge satisfaction from the way the team has grown; collectively and as individuals and is a big motivator amongst us. He quotes “We have a team of stars, committed to ensuring our clients get the best”.

Nigel is an avid Bond fan. So much so that to his shame he has polluted his own son to the cause. Even managing to get him to want to go the premier of Skyfall with his friends for his birthday, and of course, Nigel just had to tag along!

Outside of work Nigel is kept busy with his family; his lovely (and very patient) wife Jenny, and his three fantastic kids. He loves a game of golf, although doesn’t play as much as he’d like. He still enjoys (or should we say, endures) the gym a couple of times a week, to help fight the numerous signs of ageing! He is treasurer and on the leadership team of his local church. They love to get involved with the local community, opening the church up for youth & community groups and events.

Andrea Priestley - Sales Director

Andrea is the longest serving member of the Birch team, joining the family business in 1986. Andrea has been involved in the sales side of the business from day one and loves the satisfaction of seeing a project through from concept to the end result. Working with many different sectors, our client base ensures that there is always variety in the work that we produce.

Over the years seeing the way our team has developed and grown, along with the growth of the business over some very challenging recent years, brings her a sense of real satisfaction.

As busy as she is at work, having two young boys at home means life is never quiet or dull. But there’s always time for family fun, yoga and enjoying a glass of something sparkling with friends.

Elaine Macpherson - Team Manager

Elaine’s career has predominately revolved around sales and customer service. For the last 20 years Elaine has been involved in the wonderful world of print, with the last five of those spent at Birch. After five years service at Birch each team member gets an extra week’s holiday entitlement and with three grand children added to her growing family, the extra week will be put to good use.

Elaine loves to travel and when not heeding the call for help from her family, has enjoyed the wonders of Lake Garda in Italy. Outside of that, family is the number one priority.

Dawn Langley - PA to the MD

After 18 years with us, Dawn is very much part of the heart of Birch. Dawn’s satisfaction in work is balancing the accounts and has a minute attention to detail. Over these past 18 years Dawn has seen many changes in the company but loves where the team is at today and enjoys the dynamic of work life.

As the tea rounds have got larger so have the various requirements, Dawn’s ingenious idea is a Pantone book for tea & coffee shades. She could be onto something there.

Life really did begin at 40 for Dawn, when she decided that although she was very uncomfortable flying (well actually petrified) she would do a tandem sky dive. She did it and then decided to try tandem paragliding over Lake Garda. Whatever next?

Julie Smith - Accounts Controller

Julie is the latest member of the Birch team, brought in to head up the accounts department.

Outside of work Julie likes to keep herself fit and active, walking the family dog (Darcie a King Charles Cavalier and apparently the princess in the household!).  She has two young children Cole & Ruby who keep her on her toes and when she does get free time Julie enjoys running having completed the 2016 Robin Hood Half Marathon where she is targeting a return appearance in 2018.

She also describes herself as a style chameleon, changing her hair on a regular basis, so every Monday could be a surprise!

Mark Jones - Warehouse Manager

Mark has been with the business for around 12 years and has overseen two premises relocations in his time. Mark enjoys the diversity of his role, from picking and packing the daily orders, the building maintenance to the challenge that the campaign fulfilment can be.

Outside of work, 2014 saw Mark end a 13 year engagement… by marrying the lovely Lesley. The most common phrase on the day ‘About time!’

Mark enjoys his morning walks with his dog, reading and music. This quiet, mild mannered chap won Silver & Bronze in the PKA (Professional Kickboxing Association 2013 Nationals). We do think he broke a couple of ribs during the finals, but it was funny making him laugh for the next few days. Mark now has decided it may be better to coach than to physically take part and has joined his local kickboxing clubs coaching team.

Mark Short - Studio Manager

Mark’s satisfaction comes from knowing that with every project we’ve done our best. Not just as an individual but as a department. Liking a challenge is a positive working in the studio, as there’s always a challenge and new skill set to learn and develop. Mark is a very technically minded operative, understanding how to get our clients jobs from rough draft (sometimes very rough), through to the quality masterpiece every client dreams of.

Outside of work Mark has been mistaken for Ricky Gervais on a couple of occasions and politely signed the autographs. Well it would be rude to refuse! Despite his ever silvering hair, Mark is still pretty handy on a skateboard and loves his mountain biking and snowboarding. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Mark loves to be full on when he’s mountain biking, however earlier this year a particularly nasty fall dislocated his collar bone which apparently will never set in place again.

Jenny Birch - Account Support & Admin

Being in a family business you have to be a Jack of all trades (hence Jenny’s job title). Jenny does enjoy the variety that her role brings and takes great satisfaction that what we do is something our clients have come to rely on.

Prior to working at Birch, Jenny was previously at Marks & Spencer at Fosse Park. She was once in an accident on the M1 when a Sierra Estate carrying a coffin, collided with the back of her. Thankfully neither she nor the driver of the car needed the coffin following the incident!

Outside of work, Jenny is kept constantly busy with her Taxi service to her three socially active children. All that is about to change though as the eldest has just passed her test, so that responsibility can be passed on. Jenny is also busy in her local church as part of the catering team. Bonfire night is one of the busiest nights with over 150 people tucking in to mushy peas & mint sauce, hotdogs & onions and a mean supply of treacle toffee. A guaranteed denture breaker!

Richard Johnston - Sales Manager

If we let Richard tell you all about print, we’d need a whole separate website. Suffice to say Richard is passionate about print and about his clients. Richard has a mind for information and collects incredible amounts about his clients that equip him to provide a first rate service. Richard loves to bring his clients options. The diversity of our portfolio and the wide array of options we can provide for our clients is something that Richard finds immensely satisfying.

Richard is renown in the office for his, somewhat, off the wall humour and sarcasm. Useless facts, he’s got them all. For example, the name Wendy was created for the book Peter Pan, there was apparently no recorded name Wendy prior to its publication. Well now you know.

Outside of work and humour, Richard has his hands full with family life. Married in 2013, Richard has two kids which pretty much keep his spare time occupied.

Rebecca Douglas - Sales Account

Becky is our new accounts team member supporting Richard with a smile on her face.

A fan of sci-fi fan. Any woman that can watch and enjoy Star Wars is all good with us.


Emily Rempel - MRC Team Leader

Emily’s main role is looking after the online franchise clients. Currently looking after over 700 centres Emily is fully occupied ensuring their orders are printed and shipped on time. Emily is definitely a people person. Her attention to the small things ensure that every order and every client is handled with the same care.

Emily is another stalwart of Birch having been with us from the tender age of 18, now 17 years on, she truly embodies the culture and ethos of the company.

Outside of work, Emily is blessed with two beautiful daughters (and one fairly decent husband!). She’s on the school PTA, involved in raising funds. Emily can be found at the local Zumba club on a weekly basis and whenever there’s a works outing is the first on the dance floor! Having in-laws that live in Spain means Emily and family have a great excuse to visit and enjoy the sun.

Natasha Bowen - Account Support

Natasha originally joined Birch on an apprenticeship scheme, but it soon became apparent that she had so much to contribute that within a very short space of time she was fully fledged as a key member of the support team. Working directly under Elaine, Natasha has grown in confidence and now handles some of our most time critical and complex campaigns.

Not satisfied with a job well done, Natasha has completed her NVQ level 2 in Customer Service in record time and is now looking to do a NVQ level 3 in Business Administration.

Outside of work, Natasha loves meeting up with friends and enjoying a cheeky cocktail.

Richard Gilman - Graphic Designer

Richard loves creating, and working at Birch has given him the opportunity to design for multiple clients and expand his knowledge in different fields such as HTML and Java.

Like a number of the team at Birch Richard has many interesting facts, however, Richards generally come with a 15 certificate at least and cannot be revealed before the 9.00pm watershed.

Outside of work, Richard is a bit of a geek really (by his own admission), he loves all things (and I quote) trekky, hobbity, Darth Vadery, Batmany, Dr Whoy, Marvely and the like. He also loves a good Disney flick his favourite of which is Tangled (who’d have thought it). This big softy also likes heavy metal and Rock and Roll and for his sins supports Manchester United.

Nigel Birch Managing Director
Andrea Priestley Sales Director
Elaine Macpherson Team Manager
Dawn Langley PA to the MD
Image of Julie
Julie Smith Accounts Controller
Mark Jones Warehouse Manager
Mark Short Studio Manager
Jenny Birch Account Support & Admin
Richard Johnston Sales Manager
Rebecca Douglas Sales Account
Emily Rempel MRC Team Leader
Natasha Bowen Account Support
Richard Gilman Graphic Designer