Posted on May 23, 2018 at 4:06 pm.

Most people have in mind goals that they want to achieve; whether small or large, short-term or long-term, we have an idea of what we want to accomplish. Nevertheless, not everyone writes down their goals and if you’re the latter, then you’re missing a huge trick!


The importance of writing down your goals

Neuroscience explains that the way in which your brain receives information will determine its importance. The process of encoding that takes place in the brain breaks down information and decides whether it should be stored or discarded. It has been proven that writing things down improves the encoding process, meaning that you will have a better chance of remembering it if you do. (Here are two great links for you to find out more here & here).


We’ve put together our top tips on setting goals:


1. Start by setting SMART goals

You may have heard of this acronym before, standing for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. This is the general rule to follow when setting your goals to ensure that you have the right goals in mind and that you’re on track to achieving them. (Follow this guide on how to set your SMART goals here).


Set a goal write it down achieve it


2. Write them down

There’s a sense of clarity in making your goals ‘concrete’ and ‘real’ by having them written down in front of you and it’s likely you’ll feel more determined to attain them. But don’t stop there! Program your brain to understand the importance of your goals by giving it constant reminders. Ways you can do this include:

• Put notes on your fridge

• Write on a board/create a poster and put in a place where your eyes are likely to stumble upon it every day.

• Create a ‘goals’ board on Pinterest that you can refer to from time to time. You could even collect pins of inspirational and motivational quotes to keep you determined on achieving them, (find out how to create a board here).

• Download a note-taking app such as Evernote to keep track of your goals (here are some apps to consider).


3. Don’t overthink

When setting your goals, try not to overthink them. Although as a rule-of-thumb it’s good to follow ‘SMART goal setting’, don’t overthink and hinder your judgement on whether it is achievable. If it’s a goal you’re keen on accomplishing, write it down!


Success Go Get It


4. Envisage success

A great trick for convincing your mind that you will attain your goals is to imagine how you’ll feel when you have achieved them. Write a paragraph imagining you have accomplished the goals you’ve set and really get into the role. This usually encourages a great confidence boost which will get you on track to reaching your goals.


5. Surround yourself with your goals

Some people like to keep their goals to themselves so that if they don’t succeed for whatever reason, they can avoid it being public knowledge. However, sharing them with friends and family has its advantages; saying it out loud further solidifies the commitment you are making and your friends/family may be able to contribute towards you reaching them e.g. recommendations, keeping an eye out for opportunities for you etc.


Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve found our blog post useful! Don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter and let us know which tip you found the most useful, or share your own top tips with us @birchprint.