5 ways print marketing can help your retail business

When it comes to retail businesses, especially stores, print marketing holds great significance and influence over the consumer’s buying behaviour. It’s the perfect way to upsell your products and create a deeper connection with the buyer. It’s also a great way to deliver more information to customers as people can take information in more easily with printed materials.

We’ve pulled together 5 ways that print marketing can help your business, whether that’s through sales promotions, product launches or brand building. It has the power to build sales and your business, so let’s take a look:

Direct Mail

Whether it’s a voucher for 10% off, an invitation to a shopping event, or even a catalogue/lookbook to peruse, direct mail campaigns are one of the fastest ways to get a targeted audience into your store. Consider your demographic to make sure you have the right consumer mailing list and give serious thought to the design, copy and offer to compel your prospects to shop with you.


Similar to direct mail, you can use a printed leaflet or flyer to create a voucher, invitation or special offer for customers but without the mailing costs. Whether you choose to hand them out on the street, at the entrance of your shop, or at the till, this type of print marketing will encourage and entice people in (or back in) to your store to purchase. This one-on-one approach gives a more personal feel and ensures that the offer is seen rather than getting lost in a pile of mail.


Whether they’re on the shop front or dotted around the town/other public areas, large format posters are a great way to draw people in to your shop. They can upsell products before they even walk into the store. And once inside, a carefully placed indoor poster can direct them towards the right place for a purchase, including any special offers available.


Similar to posters, large format stickers are a great way to direct customers within your store. Whether it’s at the end of an aisle or on the floor, a carefully placed sticker can grab attention and draw people further into the store for more investment. Using guidance stickers can sub consciously entice customers to look at a product that you want to sell more of.

Point of sale

The goal of point of sale (POS) marketing is to persuade customers to place another product in their basket just before they reach the checkout. This is only possible if the point of sale taps into your customers wants and needs. It’s not enough to simply make a statement. The point of sale needs to engage with the customer and the products chosen need to entice them into purchasing. Done correctly, POS signage and displays really do work – some customers will seek them out and others will be drawn in by it. Whatever the case, they are a great way to help your retail business make those extra sales.

Choose Birch Print for your print marketing needs

When it comes to retail stores, there is nothing more effective than print marketing. They grab attention and help to land new sales. With increasing competition it’s harder to stand out and get noticed. With the right print marketing material, you can drive sales and increase custom. At Birch Print, we can help. Our printing marketing services cater for all requirements, including point of sale printing, direct mail, and print on demand fulfilment. We also offer a full print management service; taking your brief and managing it for you from start to finish. Call us on 0115 951 2468 or email us at:  [email protected].

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