COVID awareness signage at DPD’s 27 acre Oldbury site


At 5pm on Wednesday 26th August the Birch team received a call from the marketing team at DPD. ‘We need a load of 2.4 metre wide double sided hanging signs in the sortation hub at our Oldbury site ready for next Tuesday. There’ll be no time for a site survey!’. We love a good challenge and we knew that time was of the essence with this one. The signage itself was required to adhere to Covid rules and regulations so we had to get onto this job asap.


The prep and installation of the signs is one of the most important aspects of pulling together a project like this, so our first stop was to secure a team of installers to work over the weekend. The hanging boards couldn’t be pre-drilled, so the onsite installers were set for a long weekend! Filling 27 acres of space with signage in a short space of time is challenging enough, but first we had to get to work on printing and cutting out 288 square metres of material.

After our consultation with a supplier, we decided on using 10mm thick Stadur board. This material is lighter than most signage material such as foamex or dibond, and you don’t miss out on the image quality so it was a win win. Next on the list was deciding on the most efficient way to hang the signs. We decided that looping wire around the girders and clamping in the gripple gave enough flexibility to manage the height of the sign. We needed to make sure they were low enough to be noticeable but high enough to avoid a collision with a fork lift!


Once a decision had been made on each key resource, it was time to execute the installation. Our team attended the site installation to ensure it all ran smoothly and briefed the DPD marketing team to ensure they were kept up to speed on progress. Everything went to plan for Team Birch and Team DPD, and the signage was in place by 7pm on Saturday. We love it when a tight turnaround project comes together and exceeds expectations, especially when we heard that DPD’s leadership team were suitably impressed with the signage too.

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