DPD Monopoly Christmas Gift


A joint project between DPD’s engagement team and marketing team, in 2021 they really wanted to push the boat out on a Christmas gift to remember for all their hard-working network. They decided on the much-loved board game Monopoly, but with a DPD twist.
One of the key challenges was keeping this project top secret from everyone within the network, with the exception of a small handful of people for as long as 6 months. No mean feat!


Given the value of the project, DPD went to tender and were compelled by our proposal, which not only ticked all the right boxes in terms of pricing, but also experience and expertise in campaign management along with our understanding of the brand from our decade long working relationship.
We itemised, interrogated and put forward ideas around every conceivable element of the game, the packaging, the presentation, the distribution and everything in between, leaving no stone unturned. The schedule was then laid out over the following 5 months for production, where we liaised with the board game manufacturer and licence holder to then take receipt into our warehouse of 102 full sized pallets of the finished board game, plus another 52 pallets of individual wrap boxes.
A team of 12 then worked tirelessly to individually pack the board game along with a specially crafted thank you note from DPD’s senior management team and despatched to over 23,000 people in the DPD Network to land on a specific date. We filled 5 trailers arranged by DPD!


The comments speak for themselves! Here’s some excerpts from social media posts made online by those who were lucky enough to be receivers of this amazing Christmas gift:

“My work Christmas present is better than yours! The thought that has gone into this will be gratefully appreciated by everyone receiving one at DPD.” – Connor Smith, Dispatch Manager.

“DPD UK, you’ve out done yourselves with this Christmas gift…..ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! It’s great to work for such an amazing company that shows appreciation and values it’s workforce.” – Olly Craughan, Head of Sustainability.

“We did it! Fair play to you guys at Birch!” – Victoria Gunning, Engagement Manager.

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