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Shelter, a respected charity dedicated to housing support, faced the critical task of disseminating their Help with Housing Costs publication – a substantial 500-page book with nearly 2000 copies needed.

With the potential consequences of delayed distribution including individuals lacking vital housing information and support, and potential disruptions to their operations, Shelter needed a dependable partner for printing, storage, and distribution. A failure to execute this project effectively could have resulted in compromised access to essential resources for those in need and damaged trust in Shelter’s ability to deliver timely support.


Recognising the urgency and sensitivity of the task at hand, our team swiftly offered a solution to Shelter’s challenge. Drawing on over 40 years of industry experience, we understood the potential ramifications of any missteps in this project.

A poorly executed plan could have led to missed deadlines, compromised data security, and ultimately, a failure to provide timely assistance to those in need. Therefore, we implemented meticulous quality control measures, engaging multiple stakeholders from both Birch and Shelter to ensure every aspect of the printing, storage, and distribution process was carefully managed.


Our team successfully completed the printing phase and is currently providing ongoing storage and distribution services for Shelter’s Help with Housing Costs publication, mitigating the potential consequences of delayed access to vital housing information.

With copies securely housed at our warehouse in Ilkeston, we efficiently manage call-off requests and provide detailed tracking information to Shelter. This empowers their team to track any delivery with a simple click, ensuring real-time visibility and enhanced logistics management.

This project underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service. By addressing Shelter’s specific requirements with precision and professionalism, we ensure the successful ongoing execution of this project, safeguarding access to crucial resources for those in need and reinforcing trust in Shelter’s mission.

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