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Pitman are a Franchise based business with centres located nationwide. As brand gatekeepers, the Pitman marketing team were facing a large challenge when it came to upholding and maintaining brand integrity for the Franchisor. There’s a tendency for franchisees to become non-compliant and step outside of the brand, particularly if they want different signage, or different communications messages etc. If they go in a direction of their own, this leads to brand inconsistencies and piles on the workload for the marketing team who are inundated with brand related requests.

Pitman were in need of a simple solution to combat this difficult situation. They needed one central location to house all of the brand’s marketing materials in preparation for the Franchisee to order branded products in an efficient way. Here’s where Birch came in…


Consistency and attention to detail is a constant part of our operation at Birch HQ, so when Pitman came to us, we fully understood their frustrations around brand integrity. We knew our bespoke online resource centre could provide a solution to suit all parties. Built to hold all of Head Offices brand approved marketing collateral, the Pitman Marketing Resource Centre is simple and can be used anywhere as long as you have a laptop! This was one of the key frustrations for Franchisees – they were waiting for the Marketing team to confirm their requests but it was all taking too long, so naturally, they went their own way to purchase Marketing products which resulted in the improper use of the Pitman brand, whereas the solution allows controlled freedom.


The Marketing Resource Centre has improved Pitman’s marketing print ordering process significantly. Franchisees have the ability to log into a site they can access at any time of the day or night, and whenever suits them. There’s a vast choice of approved marketing materials all available to order in various quantities with a quick turnaround. The franchisee no longer needs to inundate the marketing team with requests that fall outside the brand remit.

The brand consistency across the Franchise has reinforced the Pitman Trademark exponentially, which has resulted in some big smiles all round!

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