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PQube Ltd – Curse of the Sea Rats


PQube Ltd is a global video game publisher, distributor and online retailer that publish physical video games and sell gaming hardware and software.

PQube needed a print partner to help manage their premium product packaging items, ranging from presentation boxes, artbooks, postcards, sticker sheets and outer sleeves. Every printed item is made from a different material which often results in colour inconsistencies. Consequently, attentive planning and production of each item is required to ensure everything is printed correctly at similar times ahead of the fulfilment slot.

Video games often have long lead times from initial concept to delivery to the distribution centre, so it was essential for PQube to collaborate with a reliable and flexible print partner. Each game concept is signed off with a specific budget in mind, but with complex planning, production, and lead times, one of PQube’s challenges was managing budget creep.









The Birch team immediately became an extension of the PQube team, giving them the time to fully concentrate on game development whilst we managed the print and fulfilment of their latest game, Curse of the Sea Rats which launched in April 2023.

Becoming an effective partner requires consistent, concise communication, so we made sure the PQube team were updated at each stage of the process, giving them the peace of mind and reassurance that we had everything under control. Our team carried out extensive print quality checks each step of the way to ensure colour consistency was managed effectively, and no stone was left unturned, from producing dummy samples to detailed planning of the fulfilment, we wanted to ensure the final printed product met up to PQube’s premium standards.



Curse of the Sea Rats follows the epic journey of four prisoners of the British Empire transformed into rats by a pirate witch! This gorgeous hand-drawn animation is presented in a stunning, premium presentation box with a detailed artbook, stickers, and a treasure map to fully immerse gamers into the Sea Rat’s mission to regain their human bodies!

PQube Ltd’s marketing team now have the head space and time to juggle their priorities more efficiently and focus more on game development, safe in the knowledge that Birch will take care of their print and fulfilment requirements.

‘You are indeed part of our great team!  Thanks for everything.  You guys have really smashed it out of the park with getting all of this done earlier than originally expected.  I salute you all!’

Pawan Sheemar, Head of Operations at PQube Ltd

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