All Cookies used by Birch on the M F Birch Ltd sites are used in accordance with current Cookie Law. We use the following types of Cookie:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies – a Cookie falls into this category if it is essential to the operation of the Birch sites, supporting functions such as logging in.
  • Analytics and Flash Cookies – it is important for Birch to understand how you use the Birch sites. For example, how efficiently you are able to navigate around it, and what features you use. Analytics Cookies enable us to gather this information, helping Birch to improve the Birch sites and your experience of it. We currently use Google Analytics Cookies which will be retained for 6 months after which time they will be automatically deleted.
  • Session Cookies – any of the above types of Cookie may be a session Cookie. Session Cookies are temporary and only remain on your computer or device from the point at which you visit a Birch site until you close your browser. Session Cookies aren’t deleted when you close your browser, to delete these Cookies you will need to clear your browser history.

Before Cookies are placed on your computer or device you will be shown a Cookie compliance statement, requesting your consent to set those Cookies. By giving your consent to the placing of Cookies you are enabling us to provide you with the best possible experiences and services to you. You may wish to deny consent to the placing of the Cookies at which point we request you cease using the website.

In addition to the controls that Birch provide, you can choose to enable or disable Cookies and the web beacons referred to above in your internet browser. Most internet browsers also enable you to choose whether you wish to disable all Cookies or only third party Cookies. By default, most internet browsers accept Cookies, but this can be changed. For further details, please access the help menu in your internet browser.

Cookie: a small file placed on your computer or device by the Birch site when you visit certain parts of the Birch site and/or when you use certain features of the Birch site.

Cookie Law: means the relevant parts of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

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