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“Can you create a leaflet to promote our new service?” “What types of signage can you order for us?” “Please can I order a set of luxury business cards?” Requests like these are a familiar part of the marketeer’s life and they often result in a lengthy to-do list and ultimately, a backlog of tasks for the marketing team of franchise and multi-site companies across the globe.

Naturally, marketing teams become frustrated and overwhelmed with the never-ending requests for marketing materials. Site Managers on the other hand, don’t want to wait around for their request to be actioned, so they often decide to take things into their own hands. You might think this is a good thing – one less task for the marketeer to do, and the Site Manager gets what they want – win-win! In reality, it can be detrimental for the representation of the brand. When site managers go their own way, logos are often tweaked and layouts, formats and tone of voice can be altered which leaves the brand disjointed.

For marketing teams, maintaining brand integrity across their franchise or multi-site organisation creates a big headache and thankfully, this is where we come in. The Birch team understand the challenges faced by many multi-site brands and have made our customer’s lives easier with our bespoke marketing resource centre; a one-stop shop for a portfolio of Head Office approved marketing material.



The Marketing Resource Centre is an online ordering portal, built to suit our customer’s brief and provide them with one central place to purchase a selection of branded products in a simple, user-friendly interface. From promotional materials and HR documents to signage and stationery, or anything your business needs, Birch will build a bespoke portal to suit your marketing portfolio, saving time, money and resource whilst consistently maintaining brand integrity across the brand network.

Our team have been working with a number of franchise and multi-site businesses for several years, helping to maintain brand consistency through their MRC. One of the key benefits of the MRC is the flexibility it gives. Site Managers can login and order at any time giving them the freedom to manage their portfolio of marketing materials without the hassle and delays that ordering from Head Office can bring.

To find out how we’ve helped to support Caremark, have a read of our case study here.

If you’re intrigued by our MRC and can see how it could potentially benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 0115 951 2468 or emailing us @ [email protected]. The Birch team are always keen to help take the weight off your shoulders.

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