How To Use Direct Mail to Enhance Outbound Sales

When creating and implementing strategies for your business there are generally two types that are commonly used: inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Direct mail is outbound by nature, and this blog will look into how you can use this tactic to enhance outbound sales.

Outbound marketing involves tactics where companies proactively go out and find customers to start the conversation with. Think of it like sowing seeds in a field – numbers are an important metric here – the more you sow and nurture, the more the field will blossom.

For a more in-depth definition of outbound marketing, and how it differs to inbound marketing, check out our other blog, ‘How to use direct mail to enhance inbound marketing’.

Aren’t outbound tactics outdated?

You may have heard that outbound tactics are outdated, with some experts advising that you stay away as they are evil. They are not evil as if carried out properly they can really enhance your marketing efforts and bring quality leads to your business.

For example, with outbound you can learn an awful lot about your audience, meaning you can send really targeted messages to the right people at the right time. Outbound allows you to stay focused on prospects, building relationships by giving real value.

Outbound also gives people another channel to find your business and enter your sales funnel. As long as you respect your prospect, and send them the relevant information in a way that grabs their attention, you will experience success.

Outbound isn’t only a great way to increase reach, but it is also a great way for people to learn about your business and why you do what you do.

You can’t disagree with the stats

In a recent study where medium sized B2B companies were asked a series of questions, 84% said that they used a mixture of inbound and outbound marketing tactics to help drive business.

Outbound sales is much more than cold calling

When the term outbound sales is used people immediately think of cold sales tactics such as telesales. To convert a customer it can take an average of eighteen phone calls; and that’s if they are interested in the first place.

Yes, outbound sales is a commitment, and you have to be in it for the long game, but there are ways to remove high pressure, slimy sales tactics and use outbound to build relationships.

This is where direct mail comes in to play. Let’s have a look at some examples of how you can use direct mail to enhance outbound sales.

Example #1 – Knowing your customer: Understand who your ideal customer is. Now this isn’t to say that all customers have to fit this profile, but everyone that you are spending time and effort to attract should fit.

Once you know who you are targeting you can then use direct mail campaigns to start a conversation with them. Perhaps your ideal customer is based on geo-location.

Why not send these prospects a postcard letting them know you are local and offer them a discount on your product or service?

Example #2 – Include direct mail in outreach plans: There is a general rule of thumb that customers typically have around seven points of contact with a business before they convert. With this in mind we recommend building an outreach plan that includes as many different channels as possible; just ensure that the channels you use are relevant to your target customer. If relevant, include direct mail into your plan. Be sure that each point of contact offers value and doesn’t put off prospects.

Perhaps you could send a sample of your product to a prospect and ask for their feedback? After a few days send the prospect a follow up email, with a deal for that same product.

Example #3 – Connect on social media: Find which social media platform your target audience is using and start a conversation. Stay away from obvious sales messages.

You’ve properly been in the situation where someone connects with you on LinkedIn and as soon as you click accept they send you a sales message. Instead, take the time to have a conversation with them. Reply to posts they put on their channel, like, share and retweet others.

Build a relationship with them and show you are interested in what they have to say. Once you have built this relationship take it to the next level with direct mail.

Perhaps you are hosting an event and want to invite key local people along? Ask the prospect for their address so that you can send them a personal invite to the event with a special promotion for your product or service.

These are just a few examples of how you can use direct mail to enhance outbound sales. We hope you have been inspired, and perhaps you have thought about other ways that you can use direct mail?

Outbound marketing and sales tactics are far from dead, and we hope this blog has proved that to you.

It’s all about respecting your prospects and customers (is it just us or does Aretha Franklin come to mind?) and only sending information that is relevant to them.

We’d love to hear from you if you have an idea, or want some advice or guidance about a direct mail campaign that you have in mind!

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