It’s all in the beauty of the box…

The beauty industry is big business. It was the roaring 20s and the glamourous movie stars of the 1930s that finally brought cosmetics to the mass merchandise market, and since then the beauty industry has continually developed alongside the growing trends of each decade.

From skincare and fragrances to hair appliances and make-up, the beauty industry is a broad and lucrative marketplace. Like with most products in the digital age, cosmetics are sold online in abundance. Online retailers such as ‘Look Fantastic’ and ‘Feel Unique’ are rivalling their high street competitors and proving their worth in the beauty industry. In addition, many entrepreneurs have recognised the beauty industry’s potential and started successful online beauty brands and businesses.

The main appeal of beauty products is down to how the product makes the consumer look and feel. From magnetic eyelashes to a diverse range of fake tan and facial cleansing creams, we really are spoilt for choice! How do we persuade consumers that our product is the one for them? Great branding, a unique marketing campaign and carefully considered packaging is crucial in attracting customers, converting customers to purchase, and finally persuading customers to come back for more.

What does beauty industry packaging look like?

Beauty product packaging varies massively depending on the brand in question. Many of Rimmel’s mascaras are bold, shiny, and metallic with large striking fonts, whilst the hair care brand Olaplex keep their packaging white, clean, and neutral. Your packaging should fully reinforce and reflect your brand ethos both in design and material.

What is the purpose of your cosmetic packaging? Well, we all know it’s to reinforce your brand, attract customers to buy and keep your product secure. Who are your target audience? What types of packaging will appeal to them? Packaging also plays a vital role in the final stage of the customer journey because as well as looking great, it needs to clearly contain your product’s ingredients, instructions, and disposal notes.

The final stage of the buyer experience

A large part of the initial sell is dictated by the ingredients of your marketing campaign, from billboards to website reviews, right through to Instagram influencer videos. However, it’s the final part of the buyer journey that ultimately has a lasting impact on your customer. The product has arrived, and your customer can finally use it! Each detail matters, from the choice of outer delivery packaging to the inner packaging, through to the actual product packaging itself. In the final part of the buyer journey make sure you leave no choice for customers to write that fantastic review or go on to reorder your products.

There are so many questions to consider as you embark on your packaging design journey. Have you considered a rip-and-seal feature for easier returns? Where should your logo be situated on all your packaging layers? How sustainable is your packaging? How tactile is the packaging? Does your packaging contain other marketing collateral to boost the buyer’s experience such as a promotional offer leaflet, free sample, or voucher?

We understand the considerations you’ll need to make for your product packaging creation, so we’d love to help take some of the pressure off. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, whether that’s help with ideas and some expert advice or a trusted supplier to provide the print, our team are here for you. Have a look at how we’ve helped our customers with their packaging journey in our project case studies

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