Meet Holly, our Marketing Executive

What are your main responsibilities? 

I manage and coordinate all of Birch’s internal and external marketing activity alongside the odd print job. This includes planning, preparing, and executing our marketing plan and creating content for our social platforms, blogs and our website whilst also keeping our digital marketing tasks on track.


What does your average day look like?

 My average day starts with a meditation practise at home before work. At least 5 minutes each day to just focus on breathing and going inwards increases my focus and attention span, so it really helps with my nature of work.

I’m currently overseeing two large internal projects, so I check in with any updates and work required for those and then move onto keeping an eye on our social sites and planning and preparing blog content. I work alongside our Marketing Assistant, Romana so my day to day involves checking in with her to make sure she is OK with her tasks and discussing thoughts and ideas.

I always make sure I go for a 20-30 minute walk at lunchtime. I’m a massive advocate for self-care and taking time to move, especially if you work in an office sat down all day.




What are the benefits and challenges of the role?

 I love writing and being creative, so these are huge plus points for me. I’m also a stickler for improving business efficiency and utilising my strong organisation skills which suit this role really well. This role is relatively new at Birch and because we’re a very niche B2B service, it’s proven a challenge to start marketing to our customers and engage with new prospects. We’re making good progress in small steps, so I’ll take that as a positive!


Finally, if you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

 I’ve done so many different jobs I’ve lost track! I had high hopes of becoming a TV presenter/journalist back in my early twenties and succeeded to some degree when I did a report on local BBC News back in 2008!

I’m most enthused by the creative industry; dance, acting etc, but as the years have gone by and I’ve gained an abundance of experience both in creative marketing and business, I think that ultimately, I’d love to be my own boss but I’m yet to discover doing what!...

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