Point of Sale Display

Powerful Point of Sale Display

We often walk around with a shopping list in our own world, then all of a sudden an offer catches our eye. 'Buy one get one free', '25% off on all products today', 'Sale now on'. Point of Sale displays really do work, some of us seek out the offers and some of us are drawn in by it...

As point of sale display consultants, our goal is to persuade your customers to put another product in their basket just before they reach the checkout, and we know they’re more likely do so if your point of sale is on point (pardon the pun!).

Your business may lend itself to a quirky slogan, or perhaps sales will only increase if your offers are big, bold and in your face. You’ll have probably already tapped into what makes your customers tick. Is it the fact they want vegan-made cosmetics, or are they looking for a healthier alternative for their dinner?

Once you’ve homed in on what will ignite that spark and start a fire in your customer’s bellies, we’ll be here to plan and execute your messaging and point of sale displays for you.

What is a Point of Sale Display?

Point of sale display, or POS display, is a key component of any retail marketing strategy. It includes all the marketing materials and in-store displays that are strategically located to influence customer buying decisions.

These printed materials can take the form of signage, banners, product counter displays, or window posters or vinyl.

Effective Point of Sale displays are designed to not only inform your customers about products, but also to encourage impulse buying shortly before they reach the checkout.

Turning browsing into buying

Understanding your customer’s motivation is essential, and our team is here to assist.

Our experienced print and design experts can help you to identify those key triggers that ignite a customer’s interest and prompt them to make a purchase.

We’re here to help you plan, design, and execute your messaging as part of a successful point of sale display strategy.

How do POS displays boost impulse buying?

Impulse buys are often small and inexpensive, and usually are items placed strategically near the till.

These purchases are often within reach, literally, of customers who are about to pay, and subconsciously they feel encouraged to put one in their basket

POS displays focus on four key areas to attract customers and create subconscious emotional connections to your products.


Visibly appealing and eye-catching displays will quickly draw customers’ attention to specific products, offers, or in-store promotions.


Effective business branding is vital, and by adopting a consistent approach to branded displays throughout a store, you can reinforce your brand’s identity while nurturing trust and recognition among customers.


point of sale displays provide customers with essential product information, making it easier to make split-second decisions.


Strategically placed POS displays can encourage customers to explore similar products, helping to increase sales.

What type of POS products do you sell?

We offer a broad selection of point of sale display products, including:

  • Posters
  • Window graphics and displays
  • Vinyl floor graphics
  • Freestanding displays (FSDU’s)
  • Counter displays
  • Totem displays
  • Bollard covers
  • Dumpbins
  • Hanging signs
  • Display cubes
  • Shelf-edge ticket strips/wobblers
  • Strut cards
  • Cardboard cutouts

  • What types of materials are commonly used for printed POS displays?

    Common materials used for printed POS displays include paper, cardboard, foam board, plastic, vinyl, and fabric. The choice of material depends on factors like display size, durability requirements, and budget. 

  • What's the cost range for producing printed POS materials? 

    Costs vary based on factors like material type, quantity, size, and printing technique. Please contact us for some bespoke costs.

  • How do I measure the effectiveness of my POS materials? 

     Track sales data before and after displaying the materials, conduct customer surveys, or observe foot traffic and engagement around the displays.

  • Are there eco-friendly options for POS materials? 

    Yes, you can opt for recycled paper, soy-based inks, and reusable materials to minimize the environmental impact of your printed POS materials.

  • How far in advance should I plan my POS materials? 

    Plan at least a few weeks ahead to ensure sufficient time for design, printing, and distribution. Complex projects might require more time.

  • What printing techniques are suitable for POS materials?  

    In general, digital printing is often used for shorter print runs and quick turnaround, while offset printing is more cost-effective for larger quantities.

  • Can I customise POS materials for different promotions? 

    Absolutely! Customisation allows you to tailor messages and designs to specific promotions or seasons, making your POS materials more relevant and impactful.

  • What is the ideal placement for POS materials? 

    Place them near high-traffic areas such as entrances, checkout counters, and product displays to maximise visibility and engagement.

  • What types of printed POS materials are commonly used? 

    Common types include posters, banners, standees, window vinyl, shelf wobblers, counter cards, and hanging signs. Choose materials based on the space available and the message you want to convey.

  • How can I design effective POS materials?  

    Design with bold visuals, clear messaging, and consistent branding. Use attention-grabbing colours, large fonts, and minimal text for quick comprehension.

  • Why are printed POS materials important? 

    Printed POS materials help increase brand visibility, highlight promotions, and communicate product information, ultimately driving sales and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

  • What are printed POS materials?

    Printed POS materials refer to promotional or informational materials displayed at a retail location to attract attention and influence purchasing decisions. They include posters, banners, shelf talkers, window vinyls and more.

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