Stand out from the crowd at your next tradeshow!

Print collateral is an undeniable part of tradeshows. From setting up the expo booth to handing out business cards, good quality print will really sell your brand at an event.

Over the last 18 months public events have been adapted into virtual events due to the pandemic. Virtual events aren’t for everyone, and they can’t replace promoting your brand in person. So, as we get closer to lifting all restrictions, the events industry and many business attendees are looking forward to getting the show back in motion.

Here are some sure-fire ways to get you noticed at your next tradeshow.

  1. Know your target audience

Understanding your audience is key to a successful tradeshow exhibition. Different types of visitors will be at the show for different reasons, so it’s really important to ensure your whole ‘exhibition stand experience’ attracts the potential customers you’re looking for. Casual guests who are taking a nose around may not want to be overwhelmed with masses of print collateral, so have a think about how you can engage them in other ways, such as a quirky but useful branded gimmick. On the other hand, you’ll have some serious decision makers to target, and they may well be on the hunt for as much information as they can gather, so make sure you carefully target these customers with good quality printed materials and order enough to hand out!

  1. Invest in a display stand

Exhibition stands are the first thing a visitor sees at a tradeshow, so your stand needs to be creative and engaging to stand out from the crowd. With a continually evolving market, trends come and go and what would have been ideal a year ago may not be as on point now. Think about your main USPs and how the visual setup of the booth can reflect these. Use your creative skills to their advantage and make sure you invest in a display stand to remember!

  1. Demonstrate a product or showcase a service

The whole reason you’re at the show is to demonstrate what you’re selling, so you must make sure your service or product is the star of the show. Have a think about how you can make an interactive feature from your service/product. People love tangible ways of getting involved so it’s more than worthwhile to have a good think about how you can showcase your product as uniquely as possible. Product demos, testing something out, or using a game or a quiz are all great ways to get the audience excited and engaged with your brand.

What should you include in your event print collateral?

Business cards

Business cards are an irreplaceable form of branded communications and they’re an incredibly useful tool at events and exhibitions. Well-designed, good quality business cards should leave a lasting impression on your potential customer.

Promotional items

Promotional materials are unique and memorable, and the good thing is they can be pretty much in the form of anything! What is it your target audience are likely to need? What will be engaging yet practical to them?

Find something that you know attendees and potential customers will appreciate. Perhaps it’s something unusual such as DIY seed planting or a Rubik’s cube for a bit of fun? What will really make you stand out from the crowd?

DPD kit 1

Banners & posters

Banners and posters are a great way to increase the awareness of your brand, product, or service. Be selective on what you choose to add to your banner design. Try and get an understanding of the exhibition layout and determine where your banners are likely to fit within the space. The last thing you want is to add key USPs to a banner and then have these blocked by someone else’s stand. Keep it simple, to the point, and visually on brand.

Notepads & sticky notes

Notepads and sticky notes are great freebies that won’t break the bank. People won’t remember every detail from conversations at tradeshows, so giving away something useful for them to take notes as they go from booth to booth is really useful and if it contains your contact information it’s a win-win! You can guarantee they’ll revisit their notes back at the office, which puts your business at the forefront of their mind even after the big day is done and dusted.

Post event communication

A follow-up mailing piece in the form of a direct email, or newsletter is another great way of planting seeds in your potential customer’s mind. Following up conversations from the tradeshow with a simple email will act as a useful reminder to your potential customer who will no doubt be busy! This direct and personal contact could be just the thing for converting all your hard work into sale.





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