Posted on September 5, 2018 at 1:44 pm.

Often, we see improved intelligence in modern technology and previous methods fade out. This is argued regularly in the world of print vs. digital methods of marketing. Digital Marketing has become further practiced in conjunction with ever-growing social media platforms and some claim that this will overshadow the benefits of print. There are however, a great number of people in or connected to the world of print, ourselves included, who would argue otherwise. Although digitally you can advertise and publish online, there are traits and benefits of Print Marketing, that Digital Marketing won’t embody or fulfil. We’re going to explain why Print Marketing is still beneficial to your business.


An experience is remembered

When you read printed marketing materials such as a magazine, there is a whole experience that goes with it that sets it apart from digital; print stimulates more senses. There’s the touch of the paper, which on its own is significantly different to digital. Scrolling on a device is one experience for all, whereas print can stand out with a combination of aesthetics and textures. Different weights and finishes of paper add to your reading experience and therefore encourage stronger recollection of what you’ve read due to its distinguishing features. In addition, when turning pages, your sight and touch will make you aware of where you are, which adds to the excitement of reading further. Then there’s also the smell of the printed item that provides the ‘real reading’ experience. Here’s a short study that discusses the power of print on your senses, click here.



Buried or gone forever?

Digital content is fast-moving. Content is refreshed frequently so it’s easy to get buried within the feed within seconds; it’s unlikely that anyone will dig far enough when searching for related topics, for your content to resurface. Even paid ads’ success will rely on whether the user has even stumbled across it when going about what they are doing online. Contrastingly, printed content tends to stick around for longer. There’s the bonus that when you’re reading, many other pairs of eyes could stumble upon the printed item also, or once you have put it down. In addition, even if a printed item is thrown aside or buried amongst a pile of others, it’s more likely to be resurfaced or viewed by someone else.


Move on; Read on?

The viewing of digital marketing content is easily abandoned; if you don’t want to read something you just click off it and move on to the next thing. However, when it comes to print, you don’t have to rely on the first page making an impact for your audience to read on. Take a magazine for example, people are used to turning the page if the current one doesn’t interest them. Nevertheless, when it comes to viewing on a device screen, people are more likely to scroll past or go back to find alternative content than read further.


Trustworthy Print

In recent years, it’s become clear that not everything you see online comes from a reliable source and it’s been exposed that fake news is sometimes shared. In addition, almost anyone can now create a blog, website or social media account etc, so people don’t always consider content trustworthy. On the contrary, print is considered more trustworthy due to its physical existence. Not only that, people are more likely to trust in the process of getting an item printed than a haphazard post online.


Pile Of Print


It’s not necessarily a case of one or the other…

Despite a strong argument on why Print Marketing isn’t dead and can still have the edge over Digital Marketing, you can’t deny that Digital Marketing methods are proven to be successful in this day and age. Consequently, it doesn’t have to be a case of one or the other. Many strong marketing campaigns now use Digital and Print Marketing methods in cohesion for the highest impact. An additional benefit of this is that you will target a wider audience as you reach people on and off line. The ones that discover your multiple media efforts will also become more acquainted with your brand which is good for brand identity and awareness (providing your branding is kept consistent). Here’s a great blog post that explains how to effectively combine Print and Digital Marketing, click here.


*Our best tip: Offline to Online*

A great method when combining Print and Digital Marketing is to target your audience offline and encourage them online. We highly value the use of Webkeys in campaigns, a popular printed item that plugs into your audience’s USB port and loads a predetermined link of your choice.


Offline to Online


That concludes our argument for why Print is still very much alive! Let us know if you agree via Twitter @birchprint using #BPPrintLivesOn.