2021 Print Trends!

It only takes a few seconds of scrolling through our phones before we are inundated with targeted marketing through the form of social media ads. Our digitally saturated world has a deep impact on how we engage with brands through platforms such as Instagram stories, influencers, Facebook shopping and website remarketing.

On the other side of the coin, we know that print marketing still holds a lot of weight. Printed products are still very much a mainstay of any brand marketing, despite our device driven world.  Branded stationery, eye-catching point of sale design, and informative signage boosts brand messaging more than we think.

Print marketing’s sense of authenticity sets it apart from digital marketing. We engage with printed products on a totally different level because we interact with print in its physical form. We can feel it, hold it, put it away, take it away or write on it. We can stand and look at it from a distance or walk on it. Our consumption of print is very much different to the scrolls, likes and clicks on a mobile device.

Here are just a handful of 2021’s print trends…

Brochure design

Brochures are effective marketing tools in the hands of marketeers and companies. A unique brochure that stands out from the crowd can provide essential information as well as make a positive brand impact. The typography, imagery, copy, and the way the brochure feels to touch can all have a big impact on the reader.

Variety of typography

This year we’re likely to see a wider variety of typefaces used in point-of-sale collateral. Instead of sticking to the same typeface throughout, for example Montserrat Bold, designers and marketeers will start to introduce more typefaces to their designs to add further depth and meaning and some individuality to their pieces.

Use of vibrant colours

Up until now we’ve seen brochure design focus on a set of more neutral colours to convey a certain air of sophistication for certain brands, but we think we’ll be seeing more vibrant colours coming into play over the next year. Bold colours complemented with different saturation levels and dusty pastels will add a new level of sophistication to print designs in 2021.



3D brochures

Three dimensional brochures are on the rise and are more interesting than your standard two- dimensional brochure. They add further depth and feeling for the reader and work very well for visual brands such as interior design companies or architects.

Direct mail

Direct Mail offers many opportunities to be creative with your promotional campaign. In a similar way to a user journey online, your recipient will follow a user experience as soon as your package arrives through their door.

There’s so much targeted marketing thrown at us from our devices that the direct mail recipient will often interact with your campaign more in its physical form. They’ll need to undo the envelope, feel the quality of the paper, and hold all of its contents, and as soon as they open it up, they’ll be deciding whether to head straight to the recycling bin, or whether to keep your DM for future use.

Entice your direct mail recipient

Engaging and memorable swag is a sure-fire way of building brand awareness that delights recipients and motivates employees. In our virtual world, great swag provides a strong physical connection between people and brand.

A great example of popular swag kits in 2021 is the remote employee swag kit! Many of us now work remotely which can play havoc with the onboarding of new employees. It’s easy for new employees to feel disconnected from a vibrant office culture, so designing a meaningful swag box for new employees is a real winner! Promoting your brand whilst keeping employees motivated is crucial for success!


There’s a growing number of print production companies who are attaining eco credentials, which is a huge advantage for green-aware businesses. Print companies (including ourselves!) have introduced more sustainable supplies such as vegetable inks and FSC certified paper, as well as improve the amount of energy they use in day-to-day production. This significantly contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint in the supply chain. You can be particularly creative and eco friendly with your printed promotional products and there are some lovely trends this year. Here’s a couple below!


  • There’s a big emphasis on natural materials, such as cotton, wood, jute and even coffee fibre! Cork is also a popular trend now, particularly for notebooks and stationery. Some products are combining several natural materials such as cotton and jute together. We think this is a lovely trend to follow and there are so many materials to consider for your next promotional product giveaway.


  • DIY growing and planting is a firm favourite with many people, and with seeds being so small and thin they make a great branded promotional product.



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