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It’s just a few short weeks that stand between us and a sense of normality. We’ve all been affected by Covid 19 in some way or another and as we move into the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, there’s a real sense of positivity in the air.

For those industries who’re on the road back to business, there must be a real sense of excitement to get their doors back open and start trading again. Whilst it might feel slightly disconcerting returning to public spaces, most of us are eagerly awaiting a date to get our hair smartened up, return to the gym, go to the shops, and attend family BBQs as the summer months draw in.

Even though this isn’t the first lockdown we’re coming out of, protecting your team and your customers is still vital. At least the second time around, we’re all a little more experienced and a bit more clued up on the changes needed to open up businesses safely and prevent further spread of the virus. You may be very organised and have everything you need already, or you may have been putting it all off as you try to find a PPE supplier that doesn’t break your bank. In any case, we are here to help.

What can we do for you?

We understand that thinking about PPE isn’t exactly fun! You’re probably more inclined to focus time and energy on preparing an exciting new menu or your new shop window display.  Our team will help take the hassle out of your bulk PPE order which means you can focus on the fun aspects of reopening. We can support you with a variety of social distancing tools and PPE protection, including full face visors, aprons and gloves, along with a range of health advice signage. Our team are more than happy to advise on product materials, branding, and the full range of necessary PPE items to kit your business out correctly ready for opening and beyond.


Last year, DPD contacted us for an urgent turnaround of several 2.4-meter double-sided hanging signs for one of their sites. The signs needed to be designed, delivered and installed in the space of a week! Our team got straight to work and delivered the brief successfully with little time to spare. Have a read of our case study here.

If you need a helping hand getting your business PPE ready, call us on 0115 951 2468. Or pop us an email @ [email protected]  (we see all our emails, we promise!)

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