Build your brand with signage

There are many ways to support your brand through print marketing. Building a strong brand identity will create a lasting image in people’s minds about who you are and what you represent. We pass lots of different signs many times a day and absorb brands without even knowing it! Our subconscious brain is continually soaking up the colours, words, shapes, and sizes of the signs we see, and this has a lasting impression on how we engage with brands in our day to day lives.

From road signs and health & safety signs to billboards and business signs, we are constantly being asked to take some form of action, whether that be to turn right at the crossroads, or to find out a hair salon’s opening times.

In the online world, our website is often referred to as our ‘shop window’, however in the physical world, signage is the first thing a customer will notice about your business so it’s really important to consider different types and styles of signage to help complement your brand.

What sort of signage should I consider?


Posters can make an immediate impression on potential customers because they draw on the power of messaging and the use of creative graphics. When you’re walking around any type of venue or organisation, strategically placed, good quality posters have a positive effect on the whole customer journey. Posters pave the way for more creative opportunities and are often a more affordable method of advertising compared to a small advert in a newspaper or magazine.


Door Signs & Wall Signs

From leisure centres to residential spaces, to hospitals and commercials spaces, door signage is everywhere! Door signs are available in any shape or size and are usually made with a hard-wearing material such as foamex or acrylic. Door signage is commonly used to help people find where they need to be and can often appear bland, but when door signs are done well, they have a lasting impact on how your customer communicates with your brand. Businesses who think creatively pay great attention to detail to their brand image, even using it to full effect on their toilet door signage. Make it funky and memorable if it fits with your brand!

Wall signs are a great way of conveying a safety message and/or strengthening brand awareness. An attractive branded wall sign holds more clout than you think because the legibility, design, and material choice of your wall signs reflect the quality of your brand.

Exhibition Pop Ups

Pop-up stands are a popular choice for exhibition displays. These types of displays are excellent for their portability and simple set up, giving maximum backdrop coverage. They come in all shapes, sizes and fabric such as rigid or stretch materials to suit your needs. Brand it up with your logo and USPs and you’ll be sure to make an impact.



Pull Up/Roller Banners

Pull up banners can be used alongside exhibition pop-ups or standalone for the smaller budget or display area. They can be transported efficiently and are known for being easy to set up, which makes them the ideal signage type for your product launch or conference.


External Feather Flags

Feather flags can be used for indoor or outdoor advertising and are available in all colours and sizes. These flags have a wide surface area and are perfect for designs containing more copy over visuals. Feather flags often come with a variety of base types such as heavy concrete bases to withstand heavy winds, or a lighter base so they’re easily transportable indoors. Feather flags are an effective signage option for events or trade shows, car sales forecourts, restaurants and hotels, or general pavement signage.

Pavement Swing Signs

Swing signs are a staple signage type for most retailers. Whether it’s making your services visible to a potential customer or extending an offer, swing boards are a flexible and sturdy option for utilising your outdoor space. Pavement swing signs are durable and made to resist strong winds and heavy rains (which living in the UK, is just what we need!).

Vinyl Floor Stickers

Floor stickers are used to point us toward a certain product, or direct us in a certain direction. During 2020, we all saw a rise in the use of floor vinyl stickers in retail and hospitality outlets, and because of the requirement to meet covid guidelines and health regulations, they’ve now become a necessity for businesses to remain open. Branded floor vinyl stickers are commonly used in large retail spaces such as supermarkets or DIY stores like Ikea, and they’re an effective signage option for open spaces that have a tendency to get overcrowded and busy.


Car Vinyl Stickers

Businesses have been using cars for advertising for years (because it works!). These stickers are cut onto a vinyl cutting plotter and are fixed to a wall, glass or any other smooth surface. They’re particularly good for placement in your car because drivers will see your brand when you’re sat in traffic or parked up at the supermarket.


Our signage projects!

Last year, we delivered a project that required an urgent turnaround and several 2.4-meter double-sided hanging signs for one of our customer’s depots. The signage was essential to meet Covid rules and regulations whilst filling 27 acres of space! Find out how our team rose to the challenge in our project case study here.



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