How promotional materials can increase sales

Promotional materials can be an invaluable asset in any marketing strategy, with 47 per cent of marketing teams using branded merchandise as a sales incentive.

Whether eye-catching signs or bold banners, these materials play a part in increasing your brand’s visibility, generating leads and boosting sales.

Here, we’ll be exploring the numerous ways in which promotional materials can contribute to increased sales for your business.

Why is promotional material important?

According to a study from BPMA, promotional material can increase brand awareness by more than 96 per cent, driving a far higher propensity to purchase.

Whether you display banners, include informative brochures, or give away useful promotional products, these materials are essential in helping your brand communicate your message and set you apart from competitors.

Even after an event, attendees will have a physical representation of your brand to remind them of who you are and the positive interaction of receiving the item, which increases the likelihood of future purchases.

Is the main goal of promotion to increase sales?

Most businesses agree that the main goal of any marketing efforts is always to increase sales, but this is not the only objective.

Promotion aims to increase brand awareness, engage new and existing customers, and encourage customer loyalty.

By using interesting and unique promotional materials, your brand can achieve increased sales and other key marketing objectives that will support sustainable growth.

How effective are promotional products?

Promotional products have been proven to be an effective marketing tool across all industries. Each item offers consumers real-life benefits that traditional marketing methods cannot achieve.

There have been countless studies that demonstrate how recipients of promotional products feel not only valued as customers but leave with a positive perception of the brand and are more likely to engage with them in the future.

Unlike an Instagram advert that interrupts consumers from scrolling for a few seconds, promotional products have a longer lifespan and provide exposure for far longer, with 89 per cent of consumers recalling the advertiser of a promotional product they received in the past two years.

Do promotional products increase sales?

Yes, promotional products have been shown time and time again to have a direct impact on sales.

According to one study from promotion Marketing, 85 per cent of people who received a promotional product did business with that company.

There are countless studies that demonstrate how, by offering consumers attractive and functional branded merchandise, brands can influence purchasing behaviour, increase brand loyalty and encourage engagement in the future.

How does branding impact sales?

Consumers will generally pay more for brands they recognise and trust, and branding plays a vital role in influencing consumers’ perceptions and purchase decisions.

Consistent, well-designed branding helps consumers differentiate your company from competitors and communicates the value of your products and services by building trust.

By including branding in your promotional materials, such as logos, recognisable brand colours and imagery, brands can create cohesive branded assets that will assist in driving sales to what consumers see as a professional and reputable company.

How can promotion attract customers?

Promotional materials are a great way to incentivise existing and potential customers.

For example, printed products such as signs and banners may seem simple but can act as powerful tools to create awareness and generate interest by communicating key messages, particularly in event and exhibition spaces.

By offering consumers discounts, promotional giveaways or other incentives, your brand can attract consumers and encourage them to engage with your product and services in the future.

Increase your sales with promotional materials

It’s clear that promotional materials can play a vital role in driving sales, particularly in the event space where brands are battling for visibility to engage with attendees.

By effectively utilising the power of promotional materials, your brand can achieve its marketing goals and drive real, sustainable growth.

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