Promotional Materials

Build brand awareness with promotional giveaways.

If you can see it and touch it, we can brand it for you.

Promotional materials come in all shapes, sizes, colours and themes. From branded merchandise such as mugs, bags, coasters, caps, and key rings, to the unique, eye-catching promotional printing for your latest marketing campaign. The variety of promotional materials is endless and if a product exists, we can print on it!

Catch your customer’s attention with branded merchandise and giveaways at your next trade show and you’ll instantly be remembered for your excellent customer service.

Are you looking to boost your internal brand awareness with branded notebooks and pens? Do you need to promote a new marketing campaign? Promotional materials are a sure-fire way of putting your business at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

Common essentials include business cards, banners, displays, brochures, uniforms, and engaging branded merchandise ranging from notebooks, pens, tote bags, delegate gift packs, and quirky memorable giveaways. Think about how promotional materials could be used in the whole delegate journey, including pre-event and post-event direct mail campaigns.

We handle all your printing needs, including POS, banners, exhibition displays, and promotional materials. From branded gazebos to flags and signage, we also cater to outdoor events. With us, your entire project is managed under one roof, ensuring seamless delivery and minimizing the risk of loss or damage. Collaborate with us for a streamlined project experience without the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I plan for print and branded materials?

A project’s completion all depends on its scope and delivery deadline. Early planning is essential to guarantee satisfaction with your branded materials before the event. With our team’s flexibility and expertise in event print management, we’re equipped to assist you at every stage.

Can I customise promotional items with event-specific details?

Absolutely! Enhance your event material by customising items like with event dates, hashtags, or special themes. However, be mindful not to overload simpler items such as pens and keyrings with excessive content.

How can I ensure my print materials are eco-friendly?

Our team will advise on our wide range of sustainable print options. From Kraft material to uncoated options, there is a solution for every brand.

Can I reuse my event items?

Certainly. Consider reusability during planning by purchasing exhibition items in bulk to reduce costs. Recycling printed materials is also both cost-effective and eco-friendly. We offer collection within a designated area and secure storage for future use.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when creating event materials?

We advise that you aim for clear, clean designs with precise messaging and high-quality images. Make sure to double-check accuracy and proofread meticulously before printing to eliminate errors. Remember, your branded items reflect your brand’s image, so prioritize thoughtful design and production for event success.

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