How to design packaging for a new product

Packaging design is a highly creative process, and one that has a huge influence on how your product sells.

Let’s look at how to design packaging for a new product, and the challenges involved.

What do you need to consider when designing packaging for a product?

There are tons of factors to consider when designing product packaging.

Primarily, you need to consider the product itself: its purpose, its tone, and who you’re aiming to sell it to.

All this and more needs to be reflected in your packaging, so that it grabs the attention of the right audience and conveys the right key selling points.

Additionally, packaging must be designed in a way that makes intelligent use of materials and limits environmental impact. Using recycled—or recyclable—materials is a must for any eco-conscious business that wants to build sustainability as well as profit.

What are the four important elements of packaging design?


Colour is one of the first things that the human eye will detect and appreciate. Many people will have their eyes drawn to a product simply because the packaging is in their favourite colour.

Or, more importantly, a colour they expect and associate with a product. Baby products are often associated with soft blue colours, and health products tend to rely on green hues.

The psychological influence of colour should always be considered when designing packaging.

Graphics and visuals

Contemporary branding uses simple shapes and clean lines, but packaging might also use images that reflect the target audience or stylised mascots.

These visuals often work alongside the colour palette to hook the right audience. For example, vivid, striking colours may be paired with jagged lines and sharp angles.


The font and wording used on your packaging is how you truly communicate to interested shoppers. Colours grab attention, but your typography (quite literally) speaks to them.

Just like with colour, different fonts will have different connotations and moods.


Format can be used to intrigue your audience, particularly if used in a way that defies the norm for your product.

For some products, there are limited packaging formats that can be considered reasonable (like bottles and sachets for liquids), but playing with format and shape can often be used to grab attention.

How to design product packaging

At Birch, we always keep a focus on premium, intelligent packaging that doesn’t impact the environment.

Our ethical philosophy allows us to combine our strongly rooted knowledge of how to design a product package with a genuine care for eco-friendly practices. It’s why our customers trust us to help them delight customers while easing their environmental impact.

To find out more about our packaging design services, contact us today.


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