Product Packaging

Packaging services to create a lasting impression.

Delight your customers with custom product packaging and a unique unboxing experience.

What does your product packaging look like? How does it feel? What colour is it? Is your packaging environment-friendly? Is it on brand?

Your answers to these questions can help you evaluate whether your packaging for products is up to scratch or if it can do more.

Beautifully coloured or printed tissue paper protects your product and adds a final unveiling before your customer gets to see their item.

Branded promotional leaflets or flyers can tease customer interest in the months before a new range of products.

Your product could come packaged with helpful care instructions, or a simple note that thanks the customer for buying.

You can seal the deal with a branded sticker that keeps your packaging intact and adds that finishing touch.

Our eco-friendly services cater for all custom product packaging requirements, from branded and bespoke through to luxury retail.

Our wide range of cost effective packaging products includes options like packaging design and 3D visuals so you can visualise your product ahead of production, product boxing, packaging tape, and shipping boxes.



We like to refer to packaging in its entirety and we think of opening it as the ‘unboxing experience’.

Your packaging is an important part of the customer experience.

When a retailer takes extra effort to package their products well, it resonates positively with their customers.

We all know the excitement of waiting for a parcel to be delivered so we can try on that gorgeous dress, only to be disappointed when a battered cardboard box turns up containing a tatty plastic bag, a creased receipt, and a wrinkly dress spilling out.

Experiences like that can not only stop customers buying again, but spur them to share their bad experience through word of mouth which risks damaging future sales.

The unboxing experience is fundamental for online retailers because it leaves customers with a strong lasting impression and you’re more likely to secure repeat customers if unboxing a product bought online is as pleasurable as purchasing in a physical shop.

Product Packaging

Transform your customer experience with product packaging that delights.

  • What is product packaging?

    Product packaging is everything that covers, protects, and organises a product. It comprises instructions and other printed materials as well as the tissue wrapping, holders, and boxes.

    When we talk about designing your packaging, we’re focusing on printed elements rather than plastic wrap and similar elements that are often purely protective.

  • What are the best packaging types?

    That depends on your product: what it is, how many accessories it comes with, and whether it’s part of a luxury brand.

    Retail luxury products will often have packaging that is unusual or tactile in nature, like branded tissue paper, boxes with a matte finish, or drawstring bags.

    The best packaging needs to properly contain and protect your product while making a lasting impression.

  • What product packaging options can I choose from?

    All kinds. We’ve created a wide range of packaging types for customers, including boxes, clothing tags, stickers, in-store point of sale (POS) materials, and much more.

    Whatever your product, there’s a range of options to consider for your packaging. If you’re unsure what your product might need and what can take your customers’ unboxing experience further, contact us and let us help you out.

  • What product packaging does Birch Print offer?

    We’ve created a range of custom packaging for UK brands and we’re happy to discuss any ideas you might have. Branded packaging from boxes to bottles is possible and we can accommodate many different types of product packaging.

    To find out if we can specifically supply what you’re looking for, contact us and we can tell you more.

  • Which industries does Birch Print serve?

    We’ve worked with businesses across retail, parcel delivery, hospitality, and many others. Our happy customers have included Laundry Leaves, DPD, and Marston’s, and we can provide printing services for a range of purposes and forms.

  • I need my packaging to be eco-friendly; what options do I have?
    • Sustainably source corrugated boxes  
    • LDPE mailing bags 
    • Sugarcane-derived polymer mailing bags 
    • Potato starch-derived packaging  

    It is a common misconception, but a vast variety of materials are in fact recyclable at source however not all materials are ‘kerbside’ recyclable. This is usually dependent on your local authority waste collection service. Although Cardboard and LDPE tend to be the most usual form of packaging and as such are most likely accepted by your waste provider, it is still best to check beforehand.  

  • How can I make the customer journey as easy as possible? 
    • Easy opening- rip strip 
    • Easy returns- second strip of tape 
  • How can I cut timings for my fulfilment partner?
    • Easy closing with strip of double-sided tape 
    • Bespoke product fitments
  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    Depending on box size, production process, artwork & the desired quantity. Even if you have a small requirement it can be navigated via various solutions.  

  • Are there additional costs?
    • If your packaging is a new size or bespoke, you may require additional tooling such as a cutting forme and/or a print Stereo. Alternative production methods are available which do not require tooling but tend to be suited to low-volume runs.  
    • Delivery is often extra and is dependent on weight/quantity/destination etc. 
  • What is a stereo?

    This is essentially the printing plate required for the print process. Dependent on the artwork, no print can be made without it, and it is specific to each job. Although there is the initial outlay, they can however be used multiple times until the artwork requires changing. Alternative production methods are available which do not require tooling but tend to be suited to low-volume runs. 

  • Why do I need a cutting forme?

    A die-cutting forme is essentially a template that stamps out the shape of your cardboard packaging. Although there is an initial outlay, they can be used multiple times thereafter. 

  • Do you have any existing cutting formes I can use?

    Yes, we have various standard formes that you can utilise should they suit your requirements, however, it is common in most cases that a new cutting forme is required dependent on your requirements.  

  • Do you have any existing artwork templates I can use?

    On bespoke boxes, a template would be provided for you to place your artwork. Alternatively, we can do this for you.  

  • How will I know what my packaging will look like?

    We offer plain CAD pre-production samples for fit and then 3D visuals in order for you to see the artwork in situ. Digitally printed samples are available but would be an additional cost.  

  • What are the lead times?

    Usually about 2 weeks for an existing job, however, if starting from the outset allow an extra week for proofing.

  • Can I have full colour coverage?

    Yes, this isn’t a problem and we can share examples of this and advise what process is best suited to your artwork.  

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