Oh, is that a typo I see!

Think of the last time you made a typo whilst writing. Was it this week… or 5 minutes ago?

Typos are inevitable. The internet is quick to judge and laugh at brands who make these mistakes, but realistically, we all make them with nearly every word we write. Even as I’m typing this, there’s a red squiggle line under some words, which is  Microsoft Word’s way of reminding me to check my spelling.

Even though we read and re-read the same piece of work over and over again, our brains automatically correct the words in our minds, which consequently leads to some rather interesting mistakes. We’re so used to autocorrect correcting our spelling or grammar that we’ve become lazy when it comes to checking, and expect the computer or phone to take care of it.

Unfortunately, correcting misspelt signs or newspaper copy isn’t as easy as clicking edit on a social media post or a WhatsApp message. Amending printed materials would mean they’d all have to be retracted and corrected before being released again, which would cost a lot of time and extra money. Some brands, businesses and writers lean into the joke, saving themselves the hassle, and use it as a way to interact with their audience.

Wherever possible, our team review all copy before it goes to print to try and avoid mistakes like these but we all have to accept mistakes do happen because we’re only human after all!

So, although we sometimes feel for writers and companies who make mistakes, we’ve decided to share some hilarious typos. Have a laugh with us!

‘Bored’ meetings aren’t the most exciting thing in the world, but to name a room in such a manner…

That’s good to know!

Some existential crisis to get your day going

Such cruel irony

Not sure that’s the right use of their…

What’s the funniest bad typo you’ve ever seen? Feel free to share some of your examples with us on our social channels with the hashtag #printhumour!

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