Our QA System

Why do we need QA?

When we invest our money in a product or service we all hold certain expectations about what we’re going to receive, whether that be exceptional customer service or a pristine product in good working order. A quality assurance process is vitally important because it provides the foundation blocks for a successful customer buying process and provides a definitive structure for employees to follow in their day-to-day work.

Birch specialise in delivering printed solutions that effectively present our customer’s brands to the people who matter most to them.  The very tangible and visual nature of our products and services means it’s critical to have a well-defined, effective QA system in place, after all, our value proposition is to ‘effectively present your brand’.

The Birch QA System

We’ve developed a meticulous quality assurance system that not only ensures top-notch results but also makes our customer’s lives easier, their outreach more effective, and saves them money.


infographic of QA system

1 – Spec checks

Your brief and print specifications are the first port of call. The more accurate and detailed they are the better because it gives our team enough information to kick-start your print project successfully. Our experienced team of print specialists will carefully review your brief and specs to ensure every detail is covered and question anything that is missing to get down to the nitty-gritty of your project ahead of production.

2 – File checks

Our studio team verifies artwork files to ensure they accurately meet your requirements and are print-ready. This minimises the risk of issues before it’s too late and prevents the costly headache of reprints and delays to the project.

3 – Physical checks

When your items are printed and ready for dispatch, our warehouse team conducts rigorous inspections to ensure everything arrives in the best possible condition. Items are carefully stored, diligently packed, and labelled before being dispatched.

4 – Process checks

We continually strive to exceed expectations and we’re committed to ongoing improvement, regularly seeking feedback and implementing enhancements to our processes.

5-  Supplier checks

We regularly assess supplier performance to maintain the highest quality standards for your projects which means you can be rest assured your printed items are sourced from trusted suppliers, delivering consistent quality every time.

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