Packaging Trends For 2022

When it comes to a successful business, the way you package your product is a significant factor. It could be the determining factor in choosing your product over a competitor. Custom product packaging is, and will always be, a very effective marketing tool to market your business. To attract new customers and retain existing ones, it’s vital to adapt to the latest industry trends. Which is why we’ve pulled together the top packaging trends for 2022 so far to put you in good stead and to stay ahead of the game.

Let’s take a look:

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Nowadays, everybody is more environmentally conscious and wants to do their bit to help the planet. By choosing more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, you are presenting yourself as a business that cares, not only about the customer, but the world we live in. This positive brand image is exactly what everyone is looking for and is the perfect way to align yourself with a positive environmental ethos. And being environmentally conscious doesn’t limit your options for packaging – with many recycled, biodegradable and even compostable resources available.

The Rules To Follow For e-Commerce

Over the course of the pandemic and beyond, e-commerce has seen a tremendous growth. Customers are choosing more and more to shop online, raising the bar and expectations when it comes to packaging. The best way to succeed within an e-commerce market is to ensure the overall experience, including delivery and return procedures, are a positive interaction that will encourage them to shop with you again, and again. At Birch Print, our commercial printing consultants understand the ‘unboxing experience’ is fundamental for online retailers because it leaves customers with a strong lasting impression and you’re more likely to notice a repeat customer if your return experience is easy and efficient.

Personalisation and customisation

It is more important than ever to show the consumer that you care about going the extra mile to make your packaging as professional and as special as the contents within. Personalisation has proven to help enhance customer relationships with your business, simply by delivering a better overall customer experience. Custom product packaging is easier to produce through digital printing and at Birch Print, our print management team are more than happy to assist you every step of the way.

Brand storytelling

More and more businesses are choosing to engage with their customers more through sharing the story of their brand; whether that’s how they came to be, or what they are hoping to achieve. This is readily done through packaging, as it’s so easy to display key information. With many products now only available through e-commerce platforms, it’s a great way to educate and form connections between business and consumer. Customers get to learn more about your brand and your product or service and, generally, the more they know about you, the more they are invested in you.

Nostalgic designs

Given the harsh reality of the past two years, consumers are increasingly looking towards designs that offer a sense of calm, bring a smile to their face, or remind them of the way things used to be. Designs harking back to the 1960s psychedelia remind us of free love, peace and happiness; whilst more muted tones and complementary colours, or mesmerising mists, with minimalist typefaces give that sense of calm, relief and serenity; and mischievous illustrations offer a satirical childlike style which can help to brighten up your day, leaving you smiling, if not slightly puzzled by the design.

Luxury and Decadence

Luxury packaging is still very popular as people want to feel like they’ve purchased something truly special. There are many ways to achieve this; from faux 3d graphic illustrations, to soft touch laminate, a spot UV varnish, foil, or embossing; these finishing touches can make the packaging feel as special as the contents inside. By producing a sense of indulgence, it helps to create a further feeling of desire from the consumers and lead to further custom. It’s not always possible with every business, but it is certainly worth exploring if you have a special promotion or giveaway.

Choose Birch Print for your packaging needs  

Custom product packaging is a vital tool when it comes to marketing your business. If you’re looking to create some product packaging to create a lasting impression or if you’re looking for some help and inspiration to transform your customer experience, we at Birch Print would love to hear from you! We understand product packaging is an important part of the customer experience and when a retailer takes extra effort to package their products, it positively resonates with customers. We are a print management company, specialising in product packaging and print fulfillment; our printed packaging services cater for all requirements, from branded and personalised packaging, through to luxury retail packaging. Call us on 0115 951 2468 or email us at:  [email protected] and our team of commercial printing consultants will be happy to help!


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