PPE Solutions for your business

We’ve been fairly quiet in our communications recently but I’m sure we can all guess the reasons why. Covid 19 has been the hot topic amongst us all over the last few months, as we try and wade through a very complex situation.

Effectively, over the next six weeks it looks like we will slowly be returning to something like the new normal and we’re all looking at ways to prepare for this. A number of our customers have reached out to us asking for help to enable their employees to return to work as safely as possible. The Birch team have put their heads together and are able to offer a range of options that provides essential kit for your team and a safer working environment, without drawing on vital NHS supplies.

There are two key areas all businesses need to focus on as we move towards a new normal; preparing your building and helping to protect your team. We can offer you a selection of vital social distancing tools, PPE protection and identification, including full face visors, aprons and gloves, along with a range of health advice signage.

For more information on our PPE solutions and product range,¬†please drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to help source a solution for you.



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