Print marketing to increase your sales

You might think that some of the older, more ‘traditional’ marketing styles and formats are no longer effective in this modern advertising arena of social media, interactive apps and the plethora of digital outlets and platforms – but you would be mistaken!

Whilst many businesses these days market their products and services through these modern advertising vehicles, they aren’t necessarily there to replace, but can indeed stand alongside and complement the established and proven marketing techniques such as print.

The fact is, that printed marketing materials still have a considerable impact in establishing and reinforcing brand names and presence as well as building business trust and relationships with customers. Consult a professional printing company to learn more about the advantages and benefits of different promotional print that will enhance and boost your business, such as:

Product catalogues

Modern printing techniques, materials and lower printing costs have re-established the ‘catalogue’ from bulky and cumbersome objects to sleek, attractive documents – these high-end, tactile printed materials are ideal to hand out at a trade fair or business exhibition, and your potential customer is gifted a physical hard copy of your products to take home.

Catalogues will act as a regular reminder of your product and your brand! A modern catalogue should focus on quality as opposed to quantity – maximise the use of colour and materials to give your catalogue that exclusive, sophisticated and expensive feel and appearance. Printed catalogues are also highly effective marketing tools when mailed out to existing or potential new customers.


Another highly effective, but often under-utilised, advertising and marketing vehicle is the printed booklet or brochure. There are many different booklet applications you can utilise to promote your business and brochure printing can be very cost effective. The most important aspect of brochure printing is the design – modern brochures should comprise of interesting formats, typography and illustrations.

Business cards

Perhaps the longest established piece of printed marketing merchandise is the humble Business Card– and probably still the most effective!

The printed business card more than holds its’ own in this modern, digital marketing arena – anybody promoting their company at a networking event, business fair or exhibition should be there furnished with their appropriate business cards. These advertising gems are the first piece of content exchanged between individuals and contain all the important contact details for future collaboration or business.

They will act as the most prominent reminder of your presence at any meeting or event and will be the catalyst for people remembering you after the event. First impressions are vitally important in any business arena and many people still judge a company from their business cards, so a striking and professional business card is an essential tool in any business situation.

Printed signage

Signage plays a major role in any marketing or advertising strategy for a business. Today’s printing techniques can produce eye-catching banners and signs emblazoned with your brand logo and colours that will promote and grow your brand image in any marketplace.

Print marketing

Advertising vehicles you can touch and feel, as well as see, will always attract more attention and be more memorable for anyone receiving them – printed advertising materials provide a different, more personal marketing product compared with digital marketing. Employing professional and creative graphic design, using bold colours, interesting formats and high-quality materials will create printed items that people will want to keep and refer to time and time again!

If your business is looking for effective advertising, marketing and printing services in Derbyshire, then you will find no better printing company than Birch Print, who can cater for all your high-quality, printed marketing materials at affordable prices.

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