Print that left a mark

We’ve been asking the team about some of the first pieces of print they remember, and it’s been quite a nostalgic and endearingly refreshing exercise, to think deeply about print when we’re now so used to our digital screens.

Our MD, Nigel, notes that as an ‘older’ person, ‘print’ was much more relevant in his day as an entertainment source than it is nowadays. He remembers that even Kid’s TV was very basic and minimal, so comics, annuals, and summer specials were his most memorable print pieces growing up.

In contrast, Natasha, our Account Executive spent her time reading Disney books and admits that being born in 1995 meant she saw technology adapt rapidly from typewriters to computers, and of course, the world wide web.

Ollie, who’s also one of Birch’s young’uns, remembers how much he loved a Christmas pop-up storybook. He was fascinated by the intricacy of the pop-up and used to request that the book be read to him even in the height of summer!

It’s the physicality of print that Ollie likes.

‘In a lot of scenarios, it is the first thing of that brand you will touch! First impressions count!!!  Take packaging for example, when ordering something online from a brand for the first time.

 It isn’t the product; you first touch it is the packaging. This is a vital part of a brand and the better the experience is for the customer the more likely they are to return as a customer. I have seen two equal products presented in two different ways. One was in high-end packaging and the other was just a jiffy bag. Although the product itself was the same the packing made one feel more premium and higher quality. The other made the product feel like something you had bought from Wish!’

In a world where a lot of entertainment, learning, and shopping is done online, our Sales Manager, Rich hits the nail on the head.

‘The interesting thing about print for me is the way it can be so effective in delivering a message. Because of the tactile nature of print, it engages more of the senses than just visual. As subtle as it is, the sound, the touch, and even the smell, all combine to create something powerfully memorable.

For Rich, one of his most memorable pieces of print was Merlin’s Premier League Sticker Album from 1995. Many hours of ‘got, got, need’ was thrown at that one over the season.

Not only is print tactile and stimulating for our senses, but it also comes in a variety of formats that continually spark the creativity of its use.

As a little girl it was the pages of her Enid Blyton books that would capture Andrea, our Sales Director’s attention.

“Print on paper has that ability to be able to transport us on different adventures and evoke emotion.

Even now, for me, it is the sheer variety of print that is available. From a newspaper to a billboard poster to a beautiful gold foiled wine label or impressive hardback book to a functional delivery note. All require print in some form or other, and that’s what continually inspires my interest.”

Our Account Executive, Jenny recalls good memories of fashion magazines in her teenage years.

I loved the glossy covers and the adverts for beauty and fashion, and it was mainly the photography that was so amazing. Fast forward to the ease of shopping online which we all do and love, but I still get a buzz and inspiration from the hard copy lookbooks that drop on my mat with the post some days.’

For Holly, our Marketing Executive, it was the Christmas book ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ that left its mark. The way it was read to her on Christmas Eve, combined with the beautiful artwork captivated her and really immersed her in the spirit of Christmas as a young girl.

Over the years, printed materials were and still are always memorable to Holly.

‘From ‘Take That’ posters on the bedroom wall to Boyzone CD and DVD cover cases to exam papers and the smell of University study books, and the thrill of buying a new print to decorate my first home. For each stage of life, there is some form of print that sticks in my mind. More recently, it was the beautiful birth certificate of my son.’

There is no doubt that print has and always will leave a mark.










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