We are family!

International Family Day is celebrated on the 15th May each year to promote the importance of a healthy and well-balanced family.

A family unit is more commonly thought of as a group of people brought together through blood and ancestry. To create a positive family unit, whether that’s through blood relatives or by choice, is to uphold a strong set of core values brought together by a powerful bond that even the slightest trials and tribulations will not break. Family has different connotations for everyone, but however we choose to define our family unit, it really is one of the most important things in life.

Positive family traits often filter through to family run businesses like Birch. Melvin Birch started Birch Print back in 1983 before son and daughter duo, Andrea and Nigel took hold of the reigns in 1997.

Since Birch’s doors first opened for business, our family ethos has been at the heart of the brand. Family run businesses often hold a set of common values because they share the same beliefs on how things should be done. You’ll often find family-led businesses putting in extra hours and effort to make the business a united success, and a sense of loyalty and stability flow throughout the business, particularly during hard times.


The Birch bunch are very personable, from the Directors down to everyone in the team, and our personable approach means we’ll always go the extra mile for our customers because at the bottom line, we care. Our family ethos and personal touch set us apart as a family business.

When Melvin started the business, he had the support of his wife Jean and together they built the business, with Melvin in sales and Jean in administration. After several companies determined their fate through redundancy, they were ready to make a real go at being their own boss. Committing to Birch was a huge step financially, but Jean’s support alongside Melvin’s ability and a mutual desire to throw every effort into making the business a success paid off.

Andrea and Nigel made the big decision to take hold of the reigns following Melvin’s retirement and they felt secure in the knowledge they could trust each other 100% and work together to build on the foundations laid by Melvin and Jean.

‘Building a family business isn’t just about making lots of money. We’ve always been keen to ensure our team feel part of who we are and what we do. We might not have the resources to throw at our team like larger companies do, but we know them individually and we can help them achieve in a way that other companies can’t. We don’t have a board demanding highest possible profits so we can afford to take a risk and get the work-life balance right.’



Find out more about us and Birch’s business story from 1983 – to present day in our history timeline.


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