10 Promotional items for your Direct Mail Campaign

Looking to leave a lasting impression in your direct mail campaign?  Why not include some sort of promotional item?  You have spent the time and effort in sending them something of value, meaning they will be more inclined to engage with you. Also, when it comes to following up, you have a specific item to reference as a conversation starter. However, word of warning, make sure you think through what you want to send and make sure that you don’t end up upsetting or offending anyone. Take Fortune’s blog as an example. On the other hand, if done right it will go down a treat with your target audience and they will remember your company and brand every time they use your item. Check out Quality Logo Products blog to see what we mean. Stuck on some ideas? We have your back as this blog will run through our favourite ideas for your direct mail campaign.

Branded Objects

Have a think of what everyday objects you use. What can’t you live without? Once you have thought of this object, why not get it branded with your logo and tagline, then send it out to your target audience. Every time they use it they will be reminded of your company. You could be really clever and think of an everyday item that relates to your business e.g. a new hairdresser that has moved close by, might introduce themselves with a direct mail campaign and send out branded hairbrushes.

Microfiber Products

Microfiber products are a great thing to get in on. There’s a crazy statistic that we look at our phones every 7 minutes on average. It doesn’t take long until screens are full of finger marks. A branded microfiber mobile phone screen cleaner would go down a treat… go a step further and include spray too! Have a think of other microfiber cleaning products, is there anything else that you could do that relates to your company?

Seasonal Items

What we love about the UK is the different seasons we get. Yes, Summer could be better, but there’s definitely a change when it is Spring, Autumn and Winter. Use the change in seasons to your advantage, for example in winter you could send out hand warmers or in the summer handheld fans.

Have a think of other seasonal times e.g. Easter, Christmas, Summer Holidays. Your target audience could be families? Over the summer holidays why not send out a little toy that keeps the children entertained? Or at Easter, why not send out branded treats?


Did you know that the average home has not 1 or 2 but 4 calendars? In addition to this people look at them around 4 to 5 times a day? This one is a no-brainer. By sending out branded calendars, just think how many times they could be reminded of your company… a lot!

If you are planning on hosting a local event, why not include the date in the calendar? You have sent something of value meaning they would be more inclined to come and check out your event. Just an idea…

USB Sticks

Yes, we haven’t forgotten about the ever so handy USB stick. These devils, whilst very handy, seem to go missing a lot! So, sending these out is never a bad shout, as people could always do with them!

You could even go a step further and attach some information about your company such as a PDF eBook.

There is a trend in people using web keys. Whilst they would cost more than a USB stick, they’re impressive and you can send people directly to a web page.

Food Gifts

Who doesn’t like food?! The options are endless too, you could send out branded packets of sweets, a bar of chocolate, or even go all out with a cream tea etc. Make sure you make it look professional and spend a little extra of the packaging and wrapping.

Product Samples

Everyone loves a product sample! They come in really handy. How many times has a sample of shampoo and conditioner saved the day when packing for a long weekend?

Samples are a great way to make the recipient feel valued. Especially if you send something personal to them e.g. they could be a gym goer and you have sent them a new protein bar to try. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Not only can you get a feeling of what your target audience think of your product, but you are giving a way to measure your campaign.


Why not challenge your recipients by sending them out 3-dimensional objects that they need to make? This will make you stand out and be more memorable. Why not persuade them to share what they have made over social media with a hashtag?

This is a great example of mixing traditional and digital marketing methods together. Targeting them offline and then moving them online to carry on with the conversation.

Gadgety items for your phone

Earlier in this blog, we said how many times people looked at their phone. Why not impress recipients and send out some cool branded gadget for their phone e.g. finger loops, stands, mini lenses etc.

Again, persuade them to share it over social media with a hashtag… people will see the buzz and soon everyone will want one!


When is it not raining in the UK? Even when the trusty weatherman says there will be glorious sunshine, it always seems to end up being wet! Use the UK’s dodgy weather to your advantage and get some umbrellas branded up and sent out!

Really impress them with the design, colours or what they do… yes, there are even umbrellas that uncover a message or change colour when they get wet!

That sadly brings us to the end of our list. We could go on but this page would end up being far too long!

Get imaginative and start sending out promotional items. Just remember the golden rule, don’t offend and be sure to add value!

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