5 item ideas to inspire your next promotional campaign

As you can tell, we hold ideas in very high esteem here at Birch. We also know that it can take time to come up with and develop strong ideas – especially for promotional campaigns. So in this blog we’ve done the hard work for you – behold 5 amazing promotional item ideas for your next promotional campaign!



The objective of a promotional campaign that use items is to raise awareness on an ongoing basis. Because of this, it makes sense to pick an item that is used frequently. Mugs are a classic. They’re useful, practical and are used daily. Plus you can be as creative as you like with a design – it doesn’t just have to be your logo.  Something fun or eye-catching can do wonders for keeping your company top of mind.  It’s also worth keeping in mind that, as a nation, the UK drinks a lot of hot beverages each day.  A staggering 165 million cups are consumed daily which equates to 60.2 billion per year.

Now that’s a lot of brand exposure.



While we are on the subject of classic items, how about something that can be seen on practically every desk in the UK?

That’s right – the trusty notebook and pen combo; an utter classic and always a welcome item to receive.

But a smart looking notebook and pen has a wider berth than you might first think.

Consider that people take notebooks into both internal AND external meetings. That’s a lot of potential eyeballs that can fall on your design and logo.

We love these and use them ourselves at Birch in our own campaigns. They can be a very cost effective and high impact item. Well worth keeping towards the top of your list!



While a little out of leftfield, the umbrella is a perfect item to send to a UK audience – especially in summer! Not only are they super practical – their visibility is second to none. The reach these can get as someone walks down the street with one is potentially huge. Plus, they can also be used in a targeted way – perhaps at executives or business owners with a love of golf. By sending a branded umbrella, you’re sending something that will certainly be used in public and appreciated by the user.


A Delicious Idea


OK – we’re getting serious now – who doesn’t love getting chocolates, whatever the time of year?  We can’t think of many better ways of creating a great impression than sending chocolates with your branding on. Not only does this carry a lot of value in terms of a wow-factor, there’s a psychological element to it as well. What you’re doing by sending a sweet treat, that the recipient will no doubt enjoy, is creating an association with a good feeling (chocolate produces endorphins in the brain) and your brand. This can give you the edge in creating a warm, human relationship because that positive feeling will then be linked with you and your brand. Clever and delicious – perfect!


Stand out every day and help the environment

Although we love sending out branded umbrellas, the only drawback is that they can only be used on rainy days. Granted, in the UK we do get A LOT of them. So, if you’re looking for an item with fantastic visibility and reach that can be used daily, then look no further than branded cotton or paper bags. Not only will these look outstanding with your branding, they’re practical, seen in public places, and durable. Our bags also help to reduce plastic waste, so you’re also doing something to help support a greener environment – something that’s a core value of ours.

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