eco packaging

3 May 2023

How can packaging be eco-friendly?

Packaging generates millions of tonnes of waste material every year, making it a huge contributor to our pollution output. As […]

Woman holding pile of clothes

3 May 2023

How to Package Clothes for Shipping

Packaging for clothes isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There are several factors to consider with clothing from the fragility of the […]

woman on phone

5 April 2023

How do we help small businesses with print?

Online shopping has increased dramatically over the last few years. Consumers scour the internet to find unique products they wouldn’t […]

eyeshadow pallette

5 April 2023

It’s all in the beauty of the box…

The beauty industry is big business. It was the roaring 20s and the glamourous movie stars of the 1930s that […]

woman folding clothes

5 April 2023

Fulfilment & Logistics for your online business

Online shopping has become the norm for many consumers. It gives buyers more choices and its much less hassle than […]

packaging for different products

5 April 2023

What is sustainable packaging?

The pressure on businesses to reduce their environmental impact has grown exponentially in recent years. With so much plastic entering […]

beauty products

5 April 2023

What should be included in beauty product packaging?

Packaging for beauty products can be a challenge to get right. In several ways, there’s a greater demand for it […]

colourful eye

17 March 2023

The complex world of colour consistency

Colour is just a colour, right? Black is black and white is white, isn’t it? Not quite. Those of us […]

ECO friendly sign

15 March 2023

Eco-friendly promotional products

The word eco is derived from the Latin root ‘oeco’ which essentially means ‘household’ and can easily be defined as […]

packaging design

13 March 2023

The ultimate guide to product packaging design

You can’t overstate the importance of good product packaging. It’s the first thing that many customers see, first thing that […]

Pantone shingle

10 February 2023

How do different materials affect colour?

Paper Paper is a porous material so it absorbs ink quickly and can result in a more muted or subdued […]

Colour of the year 2023

13 January 2023

Hot Pink or Viva Magenta?

Last year the Pantone Colour of the Year was Very Peri 17-3938. This year it’s Viva Magenta 18-1750.  Some of […]

Picture of someone selecting files

11 January 2023

What is a print management company?

At Birch Print, we offer print and print management services. But what is printing management? Essentially, it’s taking a print […]

colourful blocks with question marks on

14 December 2022

Print Management FAQ’s

What does Print Management do? At Birch Print, we take your print brief and manage it all for you. From […]

Woman adjusting settings on printer

9 November 2022

Why print fulfilment is about more than you think

When it comes to print fulfilment, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Many misunderstand it […]

person writing on package

14 October 2022

How to save on custom product packaging costs

Nowadays everyone is looking for a way to reduce their outgoing costs. And the marketing world is no different. However, […]

print fulfilment

22 September 2022

Why Use The Services Of A Print Fulfilment Consultancy

There are many benefits to outsourcing print and distribution to a specialist print management UK company. Particularly, if that is […]

marketing printing services

22 August 2022

5 ways print marketing can help your retail business

When it comes to retail businesses, especially stores, print marketing holds great significance and influence over the consumer’s buying behaviour. […]

custom product packaging

15 July 2022

Choosing the perfect print for your custom product packaging

As we all know, the packaging a product comes in can be just as important as the package itself. And […]

custom product packaging

14 June 2022

Select the best packaging for your products

Packaging is so much more than simply containing and protecting a product. It’s a marketing tool that helps to enhance […]

small gift boxes

13 May 2022

Packaging Trends For 2022

When it comes to a successful business, the way you package your product is a significant factor. It could be […]

candles and beauty products

28 April 2022

10 principles of product packaging for beginners

It is universally understood that product packaging plays just as significant a role as the product itself when it comes […]