colourful eye

17 March 2023

The complex world of colour consistency

Colour is just a colour, right? Black is black and white is white, isn’t it? Not quite. Those of us […]

Pantone shingle

10 February 2023

How do different materials affect colour?

Paper Paper is a porous material so it absorbs ink quickly and can result in a more muted or subdued […]

Colour of the year 2023

13 January 2023

Hot Pink or Viva Magenta?

Last year the Pantone Colour of the Year was Very Peri 17-3938. This year it’s Viva Magenta 18-1750.  Some of […]

pineapple ice cream cone

30 May 2021

What does creativity mean to us?

On National Creativity Day, we’re asking what it means to be creative. Creativity is often associated with the artists of […]

phone with socials

30 July 2018

Optimise your hashtags for social media success

Hashtags consist of a # sign followed by a keyword/phrase. They are used on social media platforms to collate all […]


4 July 2018

A quick guide to Pantone colours for Marketing Designers

Consistency in colour for most strong brands is critical. Visual memory is usually what you will recall well, so a […]

crumpled up piece paper

25 April 2018

How to generate marketing ideas with these 10 hacks

Marketers are often under a substantial amount of pressure to keep coming up with creative ideas in order to attract […]