[video] 7 awesome item ideas for your next promotional campaign

When it comes to ideas, some believe that humans are thought-machines and can pull ideas out of thin air like a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat. While others struggle with brainstorming and come up against hurdle after hurdle.

Well, no matter what your stance, techni...

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11 Essential Time Management Tips for Marketers

This week, our popular series on time management for marketers takes another visual spin. We created a neat little video with 5 of our favourite time management tips for marketers a couple of weeks ago.

For completeness - and to continue the visual theme - we've created t...

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[Video] 5 Time Management Tips for Marketers

Having expert time management skills is a must if you want to be as effective and productive as possible as a pro marketer.

Inspired by our popular blog post on the topic, we have created a video of our top 5 time management tips - aimed to give you the edge when it comes...

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How to humanise your brand through anthropomorphic marketing

Brands are living beings; this may sound odd but it is true.

Brands do everything that living beings do; they breathe, feed, age and if not provided the care and attention they need they can deteriorate rather than flourish.

How does a brand become a living being? Itâ€...

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Eleven Essential Time Management Tips for Marketers

We know that there’s a lot to love about marketing: the ever-changing landscape of advancing techniques, the variety of tasks to throw yourself into, getting to be creative and connect with people, looking into and deciphering analytics….phew, there’s a lot!


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[SlideShare] 7 Steps To Stress Free Printing

The secret behind stress free printing is making sure that you plan the whole process properly. This will enable your print supplier to achieve the best possible results for you, and the whole experience will be a lot more enjoyable!

In this presentation, we share 7 simpl...

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How will GDPR affect Direct Mail Marketing?

One of the biggest news stories to hit the headlines recently is GDPR. Everyone seems to be talking about it and with penalties of up to 4% of worldwide revenue for failing to comply, it’s clear that businesses in the UK will be substantially affected. What the issue is at...

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