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14 December 2022

Print Management FAQ’s

What does Print Management do? At Birch Print, we take your print brief and manage it all for you. From […]

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9 November 2022

Why print fulfilment is about more than you think

When it comes to print fulfilment, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Many misunderstand it […]

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14 October 2022

How to save on custom product packaging costs

Nowadays everyone is looking for a way to reduce their outgoing costs. And the marketing world is no different. However, […]

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22 September 2022

Why Use The Services Of A Print Fulfilment Consultancy

There are many benefits to outsourcing print and distribution to a specialist print management UK company. Particularly, if that is […]

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22 August 2022

5 ways print marketing can help your retail business

When it comes to retail businesses, especially stores, print marketing holds great significance and influence over the consumer’s buying behaviour. […]

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15 July 2022

Choosing the perfect print for your custom product packaging

As we all know, the packaging a product comes in can be just as important as the package itself. And […]

custom product packaging

14 June 2022

Select the best packaging for your products

Packaging is so much more than simply containing and protecting a product. It’s a marketing tool that helps to enhance […]

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13 May 2022

Packaging Trends For 2022

When it comes to a successful business, the way you package your product is a significant factor. It could be […]

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28 April 2022

10 principles of product packaging for beginners

It is universally understood that product packaging plays just as significant a role as the product itself when it comes […]

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2 January 2022

Top print marketing techniques for retail stores

If you have a retail store, you will know the best way to increase brand awareness and drive customers into […]


10 December 2021

The pros and cons of print on demand

When considering your company and your business model, you may find yourself considering your print options. Print on Demand (POD) […]

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26 November 2021

Your Christmas print essentials!

Are you a bit of a Scrooge or do you love the jolliness of all things Christmas? It seems like […]

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15 November 2021

What to look for in a print service provider

Whether you’re a brand-new start-up company, or a well-established brand, finding the right print service provider is of paramount importance. […]

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1 November 2021

What is custom packaging and what are the benefits?

When it comes to packaging things up for potential and existing clients, it’s all about the presentation. First impressions count, […]

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28 October 2021

Check out these promotional material giveaway ideas

One of the best ways to build brand awareness is to provide promotional giveaways for your customers. If done right, […]

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1 October 2021

What is POS and how does it boost retail sales

If you have a business in retail, you will understand and appreciate the power of creating eye-catching displays to entice […]

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13 September 2021

Direct mail marketing in 2021

In a world where digital marketing has become the go-to for many companies, it’s important to ask the question whether […]

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19 August 2021

Have you tried lenticular printing?

With so many sophisticated marketing platforms at our fingertips it can be challenging to make your brand stand out from […]

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17 August 2021

Meet Andrea, our Sales Director

What does your role entail? My role as Sales Director involves a variety of day-to-day activities such as targeting new […]

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29 July 2021

Get your newbies onboard with a creative swag kit

An employee swag kit is a bundle of branded goodies designed to welcome employees to your business. The first day […]


21 July 2021

How can Birch help you?

For large and small companies alike, choosing the right print provider is no easy task. A print request ranges from […]

eco friendly products

16 July 2021

Get bang on trend with eco-friendly branded products!

Many of us are now more environmentally conscious than ever, and we expect our favourite brands to follow suit. Businesses […]