promotion within the Marketing Mix

Promotional materials can boost your marketing in a variety of ways. The primary reason to use promotional print is to raise your organisation’s profile by placing your brand in front of potential customers, existing clients, and partners. There are a variety of situations where you may want to enlist the help of a print company to create something special that represents your brand. Learn how you can incorporate promotion within the marketing mix

Client gifts show you appreciate them

Giving your clients a gift to show that you appreciate them and are engaging in your business relationship sends an important message about their value to you. It also goes a long way to strengthen existing agreements you may have with them and may even help to secure more business with them in the future.

Promotional items such as mugs and calendars, which are easily sourced from an online print shop, make ideal gifts as you can add branding that will be with your client day after day. Deskpads and calendars can even have your contact details added so clients can contact you with ease should they have a query about additional work.

Provide physical reminders of your company at events

Although recently all events have been put on hold, it won’t be too long before they can begin to start again.

Whether participating in a national or international trade show or just the local community fair, events are an important place to use promotional printing to your advantage. It’s so important if you speak to someone at an event that they leave with a physical reminder of your company.

It’s useful to remember almost everyone loves a freebie, and by giving something of value you are reinforcing the message that you value the potential customer you are speaking with.

Branded notepads and pens are ideal for training sessions

If you usually run training events it’s great to use branded pads and pens for your delegates. The delegates will appreciate the thought, and if they’ve lost their pencil you won’t have to look for a spare, but most importantly, they will take those free items back into the company and they will be seen by other potential future delegates.

Raise the profile of your charity

If you are a charity or you are working with a charity, using a print company to create promotional items for a gift shop or charity event is another great way to raise profile and funds. Branded charity mugs, pens, and clothing can all be sold to those that support the cause as well as given away as event take homes.

When did you last walk away from a free pen?

Last but not least, the mighty pen gets everywhere! When was the last time your pen walked away from your desk? A great way to use pens for marketing is to leave some at your reception desk,  give them to all your sales representatives, or ensure all your executives have a branded pen or two when they go to external client meetings. In the business world, pens with branding may get passed around, not just between colleagues, but also between partners and clients. The mighty pen has reach and will reach many more people than that one person you give it to.

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Promotional materials come in all shapes and sizes, colours and themes, from mugs, bags, coasters, caps, clocks, lip balms… the list is endless. If a product exists, we can print on it. For more information, visit our website. Learn how you can incorporate promotion within the marketing mix

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