Check out these promotional material giveaway ideas

One of the best ways to build brand awareness is to provide promotional giveaways for your customers. If done right, branded merchandise has power to increase visibility, generate more customers and even boost traffic to your website. It is a tried and tested approach that hardly ever fails! If you can see it and touch it, Birch Print can brand it for you. You just need to make sure you are picking the right kind of promotional giveaway ideas for your company and your brand. Here is our list of top promotional product giveaways to consider:

Travel cup & mugs – the classic promotional giveaway

The classic choice for branded merchandise. Most people drink tea or coffee as part of their working routine, and many now have their own travel mugs to get their morning boost on the way to work! Its constant use will allow your brand to be visible throughout the day and keep reminding the recipient and people around them of your company. There are many options and styles to choose from too! All you have to do is decide how much information you want to include. Keep it simple with a logo, or add a punchy strapline. And depending on space, add your URL.

Reusable Water bottles – ideal for the health conscious

Everyone has a water bottle! People are more and more conscious about keeping themselves healthy and hydrated, so what better way to get your company noticed than by giving away promotional water bottles. These will be used everywhere! From work, to home, to the gym, to the shops, even to the cinema! Again, there are many options to choose from, so consider what option work best for your business; built-in diffusers, straws, insulated, stainless steel. The possibilities are endless!

Tote or shopping bag – for ec0-friendly branding

These have a great dual purpose in not only promoting your brand but also boosting your company as an eco-friendly choice!

With the current climate emergency, people are doing everything they can to make a difference, so if you choose a promotional giveaway that tailors to this, you will instantly gain more credibility as a business. People use re-useable bags on a daily basis too, so picking a promotional product with purpose will ensure it is used. You can usually choose from a range of material too; plastic, hemp, canvas, and more.

Promotional stationery – Still the most useful promotional giveaway

In the new digital world, you might think people don’t use pens and paper anymore. But you couldn’t be more wrong!

These are a brilliant promotional giveaway, as almost everyone needs a pen and notebook in business. Whether it’s to write their to-do list or to keep notes in a meeting. Pens and note pads are one of the most economic and effective choices! You can even go further to include sticky notes, organisers, calendars and planners to get a complete stationery set.

Travel accessories – get your branding noticed worldwide

If you want your company to be seen worldwide, this is a good choice to consider. Travellers use a variety of accessories to ensure their journeys are that little bit easier. So if you can tailor your promotional products to include bag tags, travel notepads, passport holders, etc you will have people noticing your brand from ocean to ocean.

Stress balls – encourage mental wellness

Mental health is as important today as it ever was. Nowadays, it is more widely spoken about and if there is a way you as a company can help, you will not only boost your brand, you will boost your company ethos. A business who wants to encourage mental wellness is a company to get behind! A simple yet effective way to do this is to invest in branded stress balls. You company will never be far from the consumers mind as they squeeze the stress away.

Branded umbrellas – always useful and provide a large surface area

A practical choice, and in this country, a very well used accessory. You can be really creative with this, as you have more surface area to play with. You can opt for bright and bold colours to make a statement, or keep it more sophisticated with a simple logo. But be sure to invest wisely in the ink and colour choice as you don’t want anything to fade from constant use and consistent contact with water.

Looking for a supplier of promotional giveaways?

Promotional products come in all shapes, sizes, colours and themes. The above are just a small selection, but the list is endless. A quirky and useful piece of branded merchandise will always help to keep your business in the forefront of people’s minds. If a product exists, we at Birch Print can print on it! So, if you’re looking to boost your marketing campaign with your logo and branding, promotional products we would love to hear from you! Take a look at our catalogue of work. Call us on 0115 951 2468 or email us at:  [email protected].

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