What should be included in beauty product packaging?

Packaging for beauty products can be a challenge to get right. In several ways, there’s a greater demand for it to look contemporary and fashionable than packaging for other types of products.

Beauty product packaging might aim to look luxurious, quirky, or classic and timeless, but it’s always attempting to ultimately do the same thing: sell.

With that in mind, is there anything that beauty products and their packaging should aim to have in common?

What packaging is used for packing cosmetics?

Cosmetics come in a range of packaging types depending on the nature of the beauty products. Perfumes and other scent-based products tend to use glass, and plastic is common to protect fragile make up from cracking or breaking up into powder.

Given the disposable nature of many beauty products, responsible packaging designers are seeking to use more recyclable materials and less packaging overall. Materials like tissue paper are fantastic for adding a prestigious finishing touch to packaging while being recyclable and friendly to the environment.

How do you package beauty products?

Beauty product packaging needs to balance aesthetic appeal with good design because many beauty products are fragile. Powders need to be kept contained, and products like eyeshadow palettes can easily be broken up by impacts and vibrations.

Using plastic containers is often unavoidable for this reason, but well-designed packaging can use heavyweight card to minimise the use of plastic material.

Beauty products don’t often need packaged instructions, leaving the room inside boxes and bags free for the products themselves.

For products like pencils and brushes, a small card box is often all the packaging required.

What is the best eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics?

Recyclable packaging that minimises the inclusion of single-use plastics is the best eco-friendly packaging for beauty products. This means making intelligent use of paper and card. If plastic must be used, compostable plastics are slowly rising to prominence as an alternative to typical single-use.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible to have bespoke eco-friendly packaging that delights and impresses, giving to your customers an unboxing experience that doesn’t lose any impact.

What is the best packaging for skincare?

Skincare product manufacturers commonly need to think tactile as well as visual for their packaging. After all, skincare products aren’t just aiming to make their users look good, but feel good, with nourished skin that feels healthy and nourished.

This can be subtly communicated through packaging with a clean, matte finish. Using this kind of finish on coated card and containers imparts the idea of soft, smooth skin.

Remember that most skincare products exist as gels and creams, and need to be easy either to dispense or to scoop onto the fingers. So, packaging for the product itself is most sensible as a pot or tube, with the outer packaging best as a neat, clean box that protects the container.

Which colours are best for skincare packaging?

The best colours for skincare packaging commonly stem from two sources.

The first is colours associated with luxury. Mirrored gold and silver, rich browns, and soft pinks combine well to create beauty product packaging that communicates softness and the use of high-quality ingredients.

The second is colours that correspond with all kinds of skin tones, from light tints of pink to dark brown tones. These rich colours combined with other luxurious, aesthetically pleasing hues create an association with pampered skin and good health.

Of course, not all brands choose to follow this kind of philosophy. Brands that want to convey an alternative or edgy persona might instead elect to use loud, strong colours that almost clash more than complement.

Ultimately, the true ‘best’ colours for skincare packaging are those that relate to your branding and resonate with the mood and tone you want to communicate.

Who can help me with beauty product packaging design?

At Birch, we take brands and instil them into intelligently designed, eco-friendly packaging that impresses and inspires. We know how crucial it is that your product packaging is perfect down to the last detail. By working together, we can bring that ideal to life.

To learn more about our range of packaging services, contact us today.

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