All you need to know about point of sale marketing (POSM)

Did you know that 80 per cent of people surveyed prefer to interact with printed ads over digital ones?

Despite living in a digital world, it is clear that point of sale marketing, or psom for short, continues to be a powerful business tool.

We describe ourselves as ‘more than just print’, which is why we understand the pivotal role POSM can play influencing consumer buying decisions.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the meaning of POSM, the different types you’ll come across, various uses, the key elements of an effective point-of-sale display, the benefits it offers, and the reasons why point of sale materials are vital for your businesses.

What is POSM?

Point of sale marketing (POSM) is a marketing strategy in which a business utilises promotional techniques and printed materials to engage customers and influence them in the moments before they make a purchase.

It encompasses items like posters, signage, banners, shelf talkers and display stands, to name a few, that are intentionally placed within their store.

The focus of POSM is to grab customers’ attention, convey information about products or services, and ultimately encourage them to make a unplanned purchase.

What are the different types of POSM?

POSM comes in several forms, each with its own method of achieving specific marketing objectives.

Here, we’ve detailed some of the most commonly used types of POSM:


When you think of printed POSM, posters are often the first thing that comes to mind. Large, eye-catching examples are incredibly effective at catching customers’ attention and alerting them to seasonal promotions, new stock arrivals, or special offers.

Shelf talkers

Shelf talkers are a small but mighty method of POSM. They come in the form of signs or labels attached to shelves to highlight specific products, offers like buy one, get one free, or prices.

A good example of shelf talkers can be seen in supermarkets, where they are used to highlight exclusive loyalty prices.

Hanging displays

Suspended from the ceiling, this type of POSM can be used as an eye-catching method of promoting products in high-traffic areas and directing customers to specific areas of your store.

Stands and dutouts

With a significant visual impact, stands or cut-outs advertising products or services are another popular way to use POSM. These visually appealing additions are great for grabbing your customers’ attention.

Floor designs

Floor graphics with exciting and creative designs can help lead your customers to specific areas of your store where they’ll find promotional sales or new products.

Uses for POSM

POSM is incredibly versatile, which means it can be applied in various ways and settings to help your business achieve specific marketing goals.


POSM is often used by businesses looking to reinforce their branding, and a consistent use of POSM materials is the perfect way to promote brand identity and customer recognition.


With 70 per cent of consumers stating that printed advertising is less annoying than online advertising, it is no surprise that businesses continue to use POSM materials to promote seasonal offers, new products or services, and to inform customers of limited-time sales.


POSM in stores is the ideal way to effectively communicate information to customers, whether about product features, pricing, offers or details about your business.


To help customers navigate their way through their store, some businesses use strategically placed POSM materials. Not only can this help guide them through the space, but it also points them toward specific products or services you want them to see.

What makes a good point of sale display?

Designing an effective point of sale display requires careful consideration and planning to achieve your goals.

We believe five key factors contribute to a successful display:

  • Attractive and eye-catching designs that grab customers’ attention
  • Persuasive messaging that communicates with the customer
  • Stands out amongst competitors
  • Encourages quick and simple purchase decisions
  • Strategically placed in high visibility, high traffic areas for maximum impact

branded promotional items

What are the benefits of POSM?

Whether you run a small start-up or a large multinational company, POSM offers a multitude of benefits.

They include:

  • Brand visibility: With print ads being shown to have 70 per cent higher brand recognition than digital alternatives, POSM is a great way to increase brand visibility
  • Increased revenue: Engaging point of sale displays can increase impulse buys and revenue
  • Engagement: Captivating POSM can help to quickly engage and educate customers
  • Competitive edge: Cleverly designed posm will always set you apart from the competition

Why are point of sale materials important?

We believe POSM materials are crucial for all businesses in making that all-important first impression when customers enter your store.

Whether you have posters, banners or shelf-talkers, each of these materials provides important information, promote sales and offers, and help to boost your overall revenue.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can implement point of sale printing and design in your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can help supply engaging POS for your business.

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