What is POS material?

Point-of-sale materials are the cornerstone of any retail marketing strategy, playing a pivotal role in attracting custom.

They seamlessly integrate thoughtful design and merchandise to captivate consumers year-round and increase sales.

In this article, we’ll delve into the multifaceted world of POS materials, exploring their meaning, diverse applications, and the advantages they bring to retailers.

What does POS stand for in merchandise?

In the context of merchandise, ‘point of sale’ (or ‘POS’, for short) refers to the area of the store where a transaction is completed between the customer and the seller.

In retail environments, this is usually the checkout area and POS materials are strategically placed in this space to influence buying choices.

They may seem a simple addition to the shop floor, but these materials serve as silent salespeople, informing customers about promotions, products or services in the moments before they make their final purchases.

What does POS stand for in design?

Point-of-sale design involves creating exciting and visually appealing signage and advertisements that will communicate with customers and enhance the shopping experience.

Whether it’s eye-catching signs or brand-friendly displays, the design process when creating POS materials aims to draw customers in and influence their purchases.

What are POP and POS materials?

In order to fully understand POS materials, it is crucial to differentiate the terms Point of Purchase (POP) and Point of Sale (POS) materials.

These terms are often used interchangeably, but they serve different and distinct purposes in retail spaces.

Point-of-purchase materials

Point of purchase (POP) materials refer to a broader category of displays and marketing materials that are mindfully placed within a store to guide customers where you want them to go, attract them to specific areas and ultimately drive sales.

Point-of-sale materials

Point of sale (POS) materials, on the other hand, refer specifically to the checkout area, where there is a direct influence on the last-second buying decisions customers make before they conclude their purchase.

POS materials commonly include items like brochures, catalogues, flyers and other printed materials that are strategically positioned to encourage impulse purchases and reinforce the brand’s message.

What are the benefits of POS materials?

Impulse purchases

According to a recent study, in mass merchandise retail stores, 74 per cent of all customer purchases are not planned in advance and are made in the store itself.

At the point of sale, customers are at their most receptive, and placing visually appealing displays and promotions near the checkout increases the likelihood of triggering impulse purchases.

By strategically placing POS materials, retailers can make the most of these last second decisions and boost revenue.

Increased visibility

One of the key benefits of using POS materials in store is that they serve as attention magnets that draw customers towards specific products and promotions.

The strategic placement of POS can help to ensure maximum visibility and increase the chances of customers engaging with products.

Enhanced branding

A new research study has shown the advantages of brand consistency and specifies that a consistent message can increase purchase intent by 90 per cent and improve brand perception by 68 per cent.

POS materials that are well designed and consistent in their message can contribute to reinforcing your message and brand identity.

From company logos to colour schemes and imagery, these materials help to create a cohesive visual journey for customers as they move around your store.


POS materials can be easily adapted and updated to align with new marketing ideas, seasonal promotions, or product launches.

The adaptability of these marketing materials allows retailers to ensure their messages remain fresh and in line with their target market.

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