What is POS and how does it boost retail sales

If you have a business in retail, you will understand and appreciate the power of creating eye-catching displays to entice customers. The main goal for any retailer is to persuade customers to place your product in their basket before they get to the checkout. And the best way to do this is with effective Point of Sale (POS). When executed correctly POS signage and displays can really draw customers in and get them buying a product, they didn’t even know they wanted until now!

So, how exactly does it boost retail sales? Let’s take a look:

Point of sale attracts impulsive shoppers

The whole ‘point’ of a point-of-sale display is to attract attention. And it is the perfect marketing tool for the impulsive buyers. By showcasing the product and the offer through an eye-catching design, it has the power to influence their decision to purchase the product. The position of the POS is also a key element in attracting attention – usually on the end of shopping aisles, where it is likely to get more foot traffic.

Effective messaging highlights offers and product features

POS can help convey your marketing messages more effectively than other forms of print marketing. They highlight key points such as special offers, price reductions and product features. The buyer is then able to make quick and easy purchasing decisions.

Keeping the information tight is paramount to purchasing products; so, the use of fonts needs careful consideration to ensure the message is clear and concise.

Colour gets POS displays noticed

The use of colour in a point-of-sale display is crucial to helping customers recognise products more easily. If the POS is text-only, choosing contrasting colours can really enhance the offer and highlight the product to a potential customer, encouraging them to slow down and inspect the items, which, in turn, leads to a purchase.

Introduce opportunities for complimentary products

Consider the other products you may want to have around the point-of-sale display. A combination of complementary products can help to boost sales. As well as useful items that shoppers may have forgotten to purchase – this approach can entice shoppers and encourage them to notice the POS.

Attract attention to unusual products

POS can be a great way to present unusual products that customers might not normally consider purchasing. By attracting attention with a creative point-of-sale display, they may feel more inclined to inspect the product which could lead to a potential purchase.

POS displays from Birch Print

If you’re planning your next point-of-sale display or if you’re looking for some help and inspiration with retail printing and print marketing, we at Birch Print would love to hear from you! We specialise in point-of-sale printing, creating engaging POS from seasonal flyers, to full product launch catalogues, we’ll showcase your new products with a powerful point-of-sale portfolio.

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