What is printed point of sale?

What do we mean by POS or Point-of-sale?

If you type ‘Point of Sale’ into Google, you’ll be met with a list of search results that pretty much all showcase point-of-sale electronic equipment (EPOS) such as card payment machines. As print experts, our focus is on printed point of sale. Let’s start with the basics.

What is printed point of sale?

Printed point of sale is commonly shortened to, or known as POS/POS Displays. Printed point of sale comes in various forms all with the same goal of attracting customer’s attention in retail environments by communicating product information, plugging promotional offers, and reinforcing product visibility and brands.

Point-of-sale items are all around us and have been for years. Despite living in our digital age, printed point of sale is still an exceptionally effective communication tool. If printed POS is well designed and placed in the right spot internally or externally, it will no doubt increase sales.


Here are just a few of the many point-of-sale items…

  • Leaflets
  • Banners
  • Showcards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Free-standing display units (FSDU)
  • Internal/external signage
  • Pavement signs
  • Posters
  • Tension fabrics
  • Shelf edge strips & wobblers
  • Product dump bins
  • Price labels for shelves
  • Clothing tags
  • Digital point of sale such as LED light signage and videos.



Printed POS instantly gives your customer what they want, or gives them what they think they might want, whether that’s an offer on chocolate bars at the till, or a mini brochure containing summer dress sales in-store. Printed POS assists customers and enhances their customer experience. For example, printed salon price lists or external signage to help customers find your business. Every little bit of POS helps which is why it’s crucial to use it well.


Is point of sale expensive?

It’s like with anything, some types of POS are more expensive than others. It’s all dependent on the size, quantity, and materials used in your POS. Don’t be disheartened because there are solutions to suit all budgets, such as sustainable POS materials and reusable POS which are bang on trend and can significantly reduce costs. Go for uncoated paper-based leaflets and free-standing display units with changeable artwork slots. Don’t print directly on the stand, print artwork that can be securely wrapped around your FSDU then switch that out for new artwork as and when needed.

The expense of materials is solely down to factors such as display size and durability requirements, but common materials include paper, cardboard, foam board, plastic, vinyl, and fabric.


laundry leaves custom product packaging


Can all POS displays be customised with branding and promotional messages?

Absolutely. This is the whole point of Printed POS. Our team creates print-ready artwork designs which include key sales information, to fit any printed POS item. Design for your POS could be as simple as adding your logo/pricing to clothing tags, or it can be as detailed as a new product brochure.


What types of printed POS would be best for my business?

It’s all dependent on who you are, what you sell, and where you sell it. If you have retail premises then it’s common sense to invest in external signage, possibly internal signage too such as toilet signs. If you sell products online, then printed POS will sit nicely in your product packaging.

In fact, POS is ideal for the sale of online goods. Printed POS captures customers’ attention because it gives them instant access to offers and new products as they undo their package, and it provides customers with a more fine-tuned unboxing experience which helps to retain customers and reinforce your brand identity.

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