Optegra’s branded merchandise


Optegra are laser eye surgery and vision correction specialists with clinics nationwide. Laser eye surgery is an incredible transformation for many people seeking to correct their vision permanently and as such, the Optegra brand needs to connote professionalism, reliability, and quality.

Optegra’s sales specialists use branded merchandise to complement and support the sales process in each of their clinics. Having access to a steady supply of merchandise is fundamental to a successful sales process, whilst reinforcing brand integrity.






We supply and stock branded carrier bags, notebooks, pens, and sticky notes for all the Optegra clinics. Our production team work collaboratively with Optegra to ensure plenty of stock is available in our warehouse to accommodate any number of orders from clinics nationwide.

Monthly meetings to discuss stock requirements and levels, and any new clinic openings are a regular part of our partnership with Optegra. New clinic openings require unique branded merch that creates a strong buzz, for example branded jellybeans and USB sticks which we’ve recently supplied for a clinic open day.



Throughout our collaboration with Optegra we’ve steadily established accurate reorder levels based on clinic demand, thus minimising any overspend, whilst creating an efficient production flow of branded merchandise to support their sales teams and uphold brand integrity.

“Birch Print has supported us in the supply of branded merchandise to all our clinics and hospitals across the UK since ­May 2023. As leading cataract and laser eye specialists, providing both NHS and private treatment options, we have a great responsibility to provide both patients and optometrists with the very best quality of care, this also goes for our branding which can be seen in the quality and practicality of our merchandise.

With the help of Birch Print, we have been able to ensure our stock requirements are always met with the ability to store large quantities of sticky notes, pens, notebooks, and carrier bags within their warehouse so that stock is readily available for shipment where required. This has been a massive benefit to the preparations for large events such as new clinic openings and large educational CPD events which we host regularly across all sites, some with over 100 optometrists in attendance.

Where new items and ideas were being explored for a special occasion, we were always met with a proactive, attentive, and caring approach to any specific needs and requirements, forming a valued collaborative relationship. Optegra would confidently recommend their services.”

Wiktoria Wisniewska, Marketing Assistant 

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