Packaging and stationery for luxury sock brand PITTCH


PITTCH are a luxury brand who produce and sell vibrant and distinctive socks made from Merino Wool. Prior to PITTCH first launching, they were looking for a set of complementary stationery and packaging to showcase their new product effectively. Since PITTCH were a new business selling a niche fashion item, it was very important to get stationery and packaging that complemented the heart of the brand. PITTCH wanted to encapsulate the comfort and warmth of their product alongside the colour and style of each pair, whilst all the time focusing on their ‘luxurious’ theme.


After our initial consultation, the Birch team worked with PITTCH to explain the many print and packaging options available to them. Together we decided on a brown, recyclable material in the form of a kraft-type stitched box. This material was the ideal finish to represent the brand’s simple and luxurious theme. The initial outer packaging was the foundation for the design work required for the stationery and other packaging materials. During the print process, the colour was carefully monitored so that we could ensure that all of the products were consistent and accurate.


The full suite of packaging and stationery included sock header cards, presentation pillow packs, postcards and business cards all printed in litho, and foil blocked to provide a distinctive, luxurious feel to this unique brand of socks. It’s the little touches that have the most impact, particularly with product packaging. We wanted to ensure no stone had been left unturned when PITTCH’s customers opened their purchase, so along with the PITTCH branded packaging we included canary yellow tissue and foiled size stickers on clear S/A vinyl to match the vibrant yellow yarn which PITTCH used to attach the socks to the header cards.

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