Birch Print is Getting Greener…

Biomass Boilers & Renewable Energy

Birch Print is getting greener! Now the website is at a place where we’re happier than we have been for a long while, what else?

Our next project, which is currently being installed, is our Biomass heating project. We are very excited about this and can’t wait to share it with you.

Over the last few years we’ve looked at the impact our business has on the environment and we’ve taken measures to reduce waste as much as possible. Birch Print is getting greener. We are committed to sustainability . We’re now all far more aware than ever before of the social responsibilities we have to look after the environment.  With the government also starting to levy taxes on larger businesses based on their carbon footprint, anything we do as a supplier to help our clients meet their environmental requirements, has real benefit.

Working with Biowood Recycling Limited, we have now installed a unit which will heat the warehouse and offices using wood pellets – some 27,000sq ft which reduces our CO2 emissions by around 48,000kg per year.  The pellets are made from waste wood and have been treated to ensure that when they burn there are no harmful emissions.

Our plan over the next few years is to reduce our carbon footprint even further, with Solar panels and LED lighting projects already being investigated.

For more information on Renewable Energies feel free to contact our supplier Biowood Recycling or check out their website by clicking their logo below.

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