Get your newbies onboard with a creative swag kit

An employee swag kit is a bundle of branded goodies designed to welcome employees to your business. The first day in a new role can be very daunting for new hires, so a creative swag kit is the perfect way to help ease any first day jitters.

You’ll have spent some time talking about your company culture in the interview process, so now is a great time to really motivate your new hire and get them on board with your company ethos.

What’s your swag kit message?

Do a bit of research before deciding on your ideal swag kit essentials. What does your new hire need to be well-equipped for their new role? What products are synonymous with your brand and workplace culture? What feedback have you received from existing employees? Combining the answers to all these questions should help you pull together a swag kit with lots of punch.

How do you want to convey your messaging through the swag kit? This is all about branding and the aesthetics of your kit. Everything from your swag kit colour choice, packaging and materials, to the right TOV, is important to consider as you begin to envisage your ideal swag bundle.

You’ll get more value from your swag kit if you combine both practical information alongside making them feel like part of the team. Start with capturing your employee’s attention. Is your business located somewhere funky or historical? Create a visual theme throughout your pack that firmly roots your employee at the heart of your business location, for example a famous sporting ground or cathedral located nearby. If you’re feeling particularly generous, include some gift cards for the local lunch time hangout to get your new hire acquainted with their surroundings.

What to include in your swag bag

You can include almost anything in your swag kit. A list of company rules and onboarding instructions, alongside information about the company and team structure are very useful for the newbie. If your new employee will be working in a physically demanding role outside or inside, clothing products such as branded scarves, hats, baseball caps or water bottles are ideal to keep your new hire warm or cool depending on the season.

If your new hire is office based, it saves lots of time if your kit contains a branded notebook, pen, sticky notes, and desk tidies. They won’t need to hunt down the stationery cupboard or bother employees to get access to the items they need. This gives them more time to focus on getting trained up as quickly as possible.

dpd kit

Who isn’t enticed by something sweet or savoury? Starting a new job can be tiring work and staff need to keep their energy levels up to stay motivated and productive. Do your team love coffee? If so, include some coffee beans or teabags and a branded chocolate bar, or cupcake to treat your new employee when hunger pangs strike.

The first impression is the best impression which is why it’s important to design a custom swag pack that’s creatively branded and packaged, and one that contains and array of well thought out products such as good-quality branded goods, a welcome note from the MD, and a gift card for the local eatery. All your items should fit nicely into well-designed packaged boxes or bags.

If your new hire is working remotely, you can choose from a range of mailer boxes to suit the swag spec. Folding carton boxes are ideal for holding smaller bits of swag and shipping boxes are made to last so these are spot on for swag kit longevity.

A good-quality, creative swag kit really helps your new employees’ bond with your brand and ease them into their new role quickly, so it’s worth your extra time and effort from the outset. Happy employees are more productive and will always go the extra mile, so what have you got to lose?






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